11 April 2016

Insider vs Outsider

The unintended casualty of the clash inside National Institute of Technology (NIT) campus in Srinagar has been Jammu & Kashmir...Read More

26 February 2016

Why the Jat agitation can only be understood when correct questions are asked

How do we categorise Jat agitation? A spontaneous protest or well-conceived and delivered hysterical mass mobilisation?  Did the police collude...Read More

20 February 2016

Silence is the biggest blunder

Now the Apex court is seized of the JNU matter, it is time to reflect as to what has been the biggest blunder when it comes to this episode. Was it arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar or disproportionate use of law to arrest him under the charge of sedition? Was chanting.... Read More

16 February 2016

Heart of the Matter

  Why campus after campus are turning into political battlegrounds.   After Hyderabad University, JNU has turned into another battleground for ABVP to burnish its credentials as the true vanguards of ‘nationalism’ and expose all anti-state forces within Indian educational institutions. On the face of it, the protests and reflex.... Read More

31 January 2016

The Tyranny of Caste

  Rohith’s caste is being challenged and protest is being countered on the ground that he was not a Dalit   Death made Rohith escape the torture he felt at the hands of individuals but he could not escape caste. Henceforth he couldn’t even escape patriarchy, the classification process of.... Read More

30 January 2016

The Achilles Heel

Why Hyderabad continues to simmer over Rohith Vemula   Despite episodic interventions by BJP’s top leadership on Rohith Vemula’s suicide, political agitation at Hyderabad University has refused to subside. What the Centre dismissed as a local episode turned out to be a national outcry. Rohith’s suicide and caste politics in.... Read More

29 January 2016

Mehbooba’s Silence

Jammu and Kashmir has gone under President's rule because PDP has not taken a call to form a government.  The consistency of political engagement at regional level in India at best has been ephemeral and PDP is a shining example of this. It has vacillated, cribbed and maintained silence on.... Read More


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