20 February 2017

‘China first’ challenge to US primacy

If there is ever an improved version of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, it will be...Read More

20 February 2017

March 11 is an early indicator of 2019 polls

After having worked for decades to see the back of the British in India, it was not expected of those...Read More

29 December 2016

India should be given access to CPEC

  Peaceful relations with India are much more to Pakistan’s advantage than to India’s.   The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has the potential to be both an opportunity and a threat to India’s security interests. Once the project becomes operational, it may be feasible for Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) armour.... Read More

11 September 2016

Don’t confuse Wahhabiat with Kashmiriyat

No income-tax officer seems at all curious as to how those loyal to Pakistan and who are resident in Kashmir maintain such opulent lifestyles. Recently, CNN aired visuals by Clarissa Ward, a correspondent who claimed to be reporting from “Free Syria”, i.e. that part of the country that had been.... Read More

11 August 2016

Opposition seeks to script 2017 turnaround

  Had NDA started prosecuting Congress leaders from 2014, Congress , at worst, wouldn’t have cooperated in Parliament, which it didn’t anyway.   Both India as well as the Opposition parties (and Congress in particular) have gained from the passage of the GST Bill, the latter because passage was in.... Read More

7 July 2016

Lutyens should no longer be a ‘safe zone’ for fixers

  The Election Commission of India, as with almost all institutions with an all-India zone of responsibility, has always been staffed at the top by “Lutyens lok”. Over the seven decades since 1947, a colonial system continued that ensured safety and comfort (including monetary) for the 5,000 or so hyper.... Read More

7 June 2016

Dalai Lama needs to return to Lhasa

  Having the Dalai Lama in their midst will do more for the Tibetan people than any number of Hollywood or Bollywood admirers.   LHASA: The capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region looks, at first glance, similar to so many other cities in China. As the train from Beijing halts.... Read More

18 May 2016

Lutyens’ Pyongyang reflex strikes again

As often pointed out, London’s grip over India began to get reduced soon after the Raj headquarters moved from Calcutta to Delhi. The chemistry of a city known to visitors for tombs and memorials to the dead works its fetid hold on residents, ensuring the decay of both empires as.... Read More

17 May 2016

India needs pragmatism, not populism

Those searching for explanations of the present banking crisis need to remember that some of the economic toxicity generated by the Manmohan Decade owed its origins to the transformation during the A.B. Vajpayee period of the large banks from lenders to large pools of entrepreneurs to creditors of a handful.... Read More

13 March 2016

Mr Jaitley, enforce mergers to repay debt

If Vijay Mallya furnishes proof of VVIP mischief, he merits leniency. To trap the big fish rather than minnows, India needs a more liberal application of US-style laws that provide for immunity to suspects of a crime, provided they come up with incriminating evidence about bigger accomplices. As much as.... Read More


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