Tamil superstar Ajith Kumar to skip Nadigar Sangam tournament, draws flak from Vishal

| Friday, April 8, 2016 - 15:56
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Tamil superstar Ajith Kumar to skip Nadigar Sangam tournament, draws flak from Vishal

Ajith Kumar to skip Nadigar Sangam

Chennai: Tamil actor Thala Ajith Kumar has turned down requests to attend the South Indian Film Artistes' Association's cricket tournament, also known as Nadigar Sangam's Star Cricket Tournament, scheduled to be held on April 17. 
Ajith said that other actors should not seek financial support from the public and handle it themselves. Earlier in 2010, Ajith also openly appealed to the then Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to ensure that actors aren’t forced to attend political functions.
The Nadigar Sangam's tournament is being held to help raise funds for a new building for the Sangam.
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As per sources, actor Vishal has hit back at Ajith saying that the building, for which the money would be raised, would be a public property and not a personal property of any actor and actress.
He even added that the cricket tournament is being held for a good cause.
Vishal indirectly attacked Thala Ajith by saying that he was one of those actors who want to garner fame by not attending social gatherings.

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nadigar sangam building,

This not public property, money collect only nadigar side. Ajith is Right and correct person.

Thala is away to correct

Thala is away to correct


f i n e d e c i s i o n by thala as he called and i will not accept any body except almighty as my t h a l a i. my super hero is beyond doubt Sri Sivaji and late mr. MGR. lastly madam Jaya L a l i t h a.

Jayalalitha and MGR are

Jayalalitha and MGR are scoundrels, thieves who looted Tamilnadu. Jayalalitha is telling that she has no one and has bungalows at siruthavar, kodanadu, estate at hyderabad. Ajith is not a liar like Jayalalitha

dont spok bad abt Mgr & jayalalithaa

daaaai thevidiyaaaa paiyaaaaaa do u knw d history abt MGR he's d man to win hatrick victory in tamil noo one can touch his record even now present politicians ...English therinchiii periyaa mairaaaa daaaa baduuuuuuu paiyaaaa thuuuuuuu thevidiyaaa mavanaaaa

Vishal, even if you attend

Vishal, even if you attend 1000 gatherings, you would not get even close to Ajith's footsteps in fame. Why don't you try not attend social gatherings. Then also you would not be known. First concentrate on giving a hit movie, you flop king and alleviate the problems of those innocent producers whose only mistake was to cast you in their films.

opp attack

Nadigar sanga seyalalar irundha nee periya pudingiyaga matta thala mukkiyamana function kee varala indirect a attack panna vanduruvara thala ya attack panna sangamum irukadhu nengalum irukamattinga da.....i't true.......

Thala is Thalia if u r

Thala is Thalia if u r getting fund from others means u r not an actor u are supposed to an politician so u collect fund from ur field that's Wright u

Thala supera sona poo ......

Thala supera sona poo ...... visal pudinkiku neram sari ela

Ajith statement is right

Ajith statement is right

Dont go nadigar sangam cricket

Thala comment is corrrect . Tamilnatla Ella sangamum avanga own building katrathuku panathukaga intha mari publika yematha arambichiduvanga.


Thala ur always correct....

Nadigar sangam cricket

Now no one actor/actress to be forced to attend any political functions because of ULTIMATE STAR Never forget it.. So whatever the KING MAKER do/did is right forever.... ... .. ... ..

Thala is right

Thala is always correct. If you are the secretary of nadigar sangam, think before you speak and whome you are pointing in your words. Thala knows that what to do and he is a great person...

Thala ajit is such a great

Thala ajit is such a great actor...shit ppl don't hav rights to speak abt thala..hes right in what he told

Vishal's begging artist's asoociation

After failing to make any impression through acting this hypocrite Visual is now desperate to float in the film industry. We know very well about how well hypocrite vishal's recent movies performed at box office. He has no moral, political right to talk about Mr. Ajith. And we don't know what he means by public property and good cause... are you building house for flood victims? Bloody begger... go to the streets with plate and beg the public instead of exploiting them in disguise. Above all, don't ever use Mr. Ajith ' s name if you say even a word about him you cannot act or run a movie even for one day........ bastard.

Ajith sir is right

Ajith sir is always right. Nadigar sangam should stop collecting money from public.

hypocrite, drunkard vishal

Our THALA is not like Sarathhkumar to talk whatever you like. you bloody begger. You first give statement to the the public about how much you and the your co- begger contributed to the building. Even the hard working daily wage labourers construct the building by their own money. But the shameless actors like you expect the public money for your building. Go collect money from those who do not even pay their tax properly. Begger... begger.... you will face dire consequence if you continue to speak like this....

Ajith is right !!!!!!!

Most of the high visibility Actor / Actress are having enormous money, if they thought can built the ‪#‎NadigarSangam‬ like White House. Initially this #NadigarSangam didn't came front to help the people whoever impacted in ‪#‎ChennaiFlood‬, Vishal stated was flood is not our problem, this is people problem government has to help poor people.Our media published about vishal irritated statement then he came up to help the poor people. Let me ask a question, Why we need to help u guys to build #NadigarSangam? Why you guys are beggar don't have any money? If you guys have guts then publish your assets details in Media then come & beg to people ?

THIS is not public property like school, library etc

well said bro.Many actor actress earn money in crores,why ur expecting money from public..if its public property.. shall all the public people organise their family function or we spend time there ah?????????????????/Build Nadigar sangam in ur own money....cheaters

People dont support any Nadigar sangam events

Hi public people don't support all events which is conducted by Nadigar sangam . if they want to build their sangam building they rmust have to share their own money. Not public's sweating fund. When in flood time they wont help us and simply said Nadigar sangam will not be involved in this. Now y u come for public help. And Mr.Vishal if u wanna blame anyone face him directly. Don't blame them on their back. Who is a flop King he's a MASS KING he didn't ask chance with anyone somebody has trust on him. Don't loss words .

investing money in cricket for earn profit ... no benefit for pu

Investing money to earn profit , it's like a business. No use for public.... Instead of that , why you all not donate your one movie salary for your own use ... I mean to build a nadigar sangam...... Thala is right always.......

Vishal respect Good Human Being first.

Vishal ur in kollywood and u know better about Thala ajith. First respect ones feelings ; ideas and views. Thala don't attend any functions; even his film promotions.. Ajith fame are true and respectable....with money or as u said by building up to get fame is waste & only for time being;not pernament ...u should not talk abt Ajith fames bec Ajith fame is HARD WORK/INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS/SELF CONFIDENCE/HELPING NATURE/KIND HEART ETC.... TO PRECISE GIVING ANYTHING FROM ONE HAND;SHOULD NOT BE KNOWN TO OTHER HAND......A PERSON WHO HELPS OTHERS SHOULD NOT TELL TO ANY ONE (AJITH HELP IS THAT) Thala is good human and true gentlemen.... don't spoil ur name by talking bad abt ajith...u can't touch ajith shadow also.... public property means only actors & actresses or general public ? Did u thank or published any positive response to general public or even thala ajith for there support and help during recent floods in Tamil nadu ? Sorry vishal if I am wrong but yes happy that ur help in cinstructing building for actors & actresses....

Stupid Vishal

Thala Ajith is the best! Stupid Vishal and other actors are rich as hell and saving their money by looting up the middle class of Tamil Nadu. I hope this cricket event is a fail and all these bastards get spit on their faces and burn in hell!

Thala Ajith Is Correct Always

Only one man to support to us ( Audience )

thala is always right

think vishal being a producer u can contribute more.

Being Human

I don't think so that public can use upcoming Nadigar Sangam Building. This is something bull shit. Somehow you people earning so much from the movies then y don't you contribute your own money for the building instead of asking public contribution. What AJITH sir said is wright. you people simply begging everyone to contribute even from other South Indian movie industry people. If each actor & actress contribute their money which they are earning from commercial adds, then you people don't need to beg anyone like this.

THALA AJITH die hard fan da

Dai worst vaste vishal ne indirect ah Ajith kitta pesuimpothu ne epdi romba kettavano enaku theriyum.....inimey e vartha pechukulla vandhingae karumapimgae unaku Always Ajith sir away is like railway track he's gud goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood ULTIMATE * Ajith nu yaru mey purimjukongana andha makkal nallavaru

thala always right

hey vishal .u r producer why cant u invest ?? why u need people s money ?? ajith is master . he is pure gentleman.

Ajith annan

Is right


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