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MUMBAI: The verdict in the famous 2002 hit-and-run case is set to decide the fate of actor Salman Khan who is found guilty of all charges in the case. Judge DW Deshpande has started pronouncing the decision in the case.

Here are the live updates from the court room:

  • High Court gives interim bail to the actor.
  • Salman Khan gets interim bail till Friday
  • “He has been charged against section 304 part II of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. He will be arrested from the court itself. The court did not agree with the defence arguments of the Ashok Singh driving the car,” lawyer Abha Singh said. 
  • Defence urges for a copy of the order to seek stay on the judgment.
  • While giving the judgment, Judge said that it was unlikely that Salman was not driving the car.
  • Salman Khan meets his family members. He is only allowed to meet the family members and friends present in the courtroom as he will immediately be taken into custody.
  • Salman Khan will be taken to the Arthur road jail, security is being beefed up.
  • Actor sentenced to five years in jail for rash and negligent driving. He will be taken into custody immediately and sent to jail.
  • Five years imprisonment announced for actor Salman Khan.
  • Additional Sessions judge DW Deshpande to announce quantum of punishment today at 1:10 pm in Salman’s case
  • Public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat begins his argument. Asks judge to give maximum punishment of 10 yrs to Salman Khan
  • Salman Khan’s lawyer Shivade says Salman Khan has an illness, if he is jailed there should be some conditions for treatment.
  • Salman, one of the trustees of being human, has donated 42 crores to help the need: Lawyers.
  • Fans outside the court break the police cordon and enter the premises
  • Frequent disruptions irritate Judge Deshpande as he asks cops for keeping people quiet.
  • Media and police resort to physical assault outside the court room.
  • Shivade argues that the accused has been also working for 3 schools, some cardiac and other accidents
  • The actor’s lawyer argues that if he does not earn, he will not be able to donate
  • Shivade says accused is doing loads of charity work and is the founder trusty of Being Human and since 2007, he is doing this.
  • Srikant Shivade shows three years of balance sheet of Being Human explaining what all charity has been done by his label.
  • Doors of the court room have been closed due to noise
  • Judge asked the cops to maintain order, as people trying to force their way in
  • Due to extremely noisy commotion outside the court, the court hearing is disturbed and there is a pause for some few minutes for things to settle down
  • Actor’s lawyer Shivde is arguing that Salman will pay and deposit more amount for the compensation of victims if ordered
  • Salman lawyer argues for 2-3 years of imprisonment telling that in many cases SC has given punishment of 2-3 years in any automobile accident.
  • After the sentence announcement, Salman will be first taken to JJ hospital for medical: sources
  • He is in the witness box. Lawyer is arguing about his sentence
  • Salman Khan taken into custody
  • Court relies upon judgements in Alistair Pereira case and Nikhil Nanda BMW case of Delhi while convicting Salman Khan.
  • If the verdict is less than three years, Salman is likely to get bail immediately.
  • On being quizzed, Salman reiterates that he was not driving the car and denies all charges against him.
  • Lawyer of Salman Khan pleads with judge for maximum sentence of 2 years and a fine, keeping in mind the actor’s humanitarian work. 
  • Arguments have begun over the quantum of punishment
  • Salman Khan did not have the license
  • Judge observes that Salman Khan was driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Salman Khan is charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder. 
  • Public prosecutor to file an application of perjury against Ashok Singh, one of the witness Sharad Borhade and one RTO expert Keskar, telling they have lied to court
  • Salman is totally numb now seeing downstairs an standing on box
  • Tears came out, Salman Khan cries in box while defence arguing
  • Judge says that this is similar to BMW case
  • Salman Khan breaks down in the court
  • Defence is arguing that this is first case in history where automobile accident has been charged with these charges
  • Defence is arguing for quantum of punishment
  • Maximum punishment is 10 years, says the Judge
  • Judge observes that it is ‘not probable’ that Ashok Singh was driving the vehicle. Deshpande asks Salman on what he has to comment on it.

First Published | 6 May 2015 7:54 AM
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Web Title: Salman Khan Hit-and-Run Case LIVE: High court grants interim bail to actor till Friday

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