Rapper Jay Z slammed rapper Kanye West in his new song called ‘Kill Jay Z’ triggered by West’s concert rant last year. During a concert in Sacramento last year, West had called out Jay Z as he was upset that the latter hadn’t reached out to him weeks after his wife and reality TV personality Kim Kardashian’s robbery incident in Paris.

Jay Z was said to be enraged by West’s remarks at that time, and therefore decided to slam West in his new album “4:44”, reports tmz.com.

“Kanye and Jay are like an old married couple they fight so much. They are two super strong polarizing personalities who don’t take s**t from anyone, so when you put them together it can be explosive. They have made great music together, and they have had brutal fall-outs,” said a source.

“Kanye knows he hurt Jay last year but he also feels like he has a right to be upset since Jay didn’t really show much compassion after Kim was robbed. He expected Jay to clap back so he’s not shocked or furious,” the source added.