New Delhi: If you have experienced sex, you will connect with this. Some people like to run bare feet but that is not advisable and there are chances of getting hurt. There is a similarity between running without shoes and having sex without condoms as there are chances of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). There are shoe companies that have spent millions of dollars making shoes that can give a person the feeling of running bare feet but unfortunately people have not given the same importance to condoms and not much thought was given in this direction.

The major disappointment that comes with the use of condoms is the fit and smell of the latex that stays for long between the women’s thighs and the irritation in their private parts. Either the condoms are baggy, too tight or slippery.

Sometimes having sex with a condom feels like having your favourite chocolate with the wrapper on and you just get so frustrated that you want to remove the wrapper and just have the chocolate. The fact cannot be denied that use of condoms during a sexual intercourse reduces pleasure but there is no other option if you do not want to risk your life with STIs.

The irony that appals many is that man reached moon in 1969, has been travelling all over the universe, going deep inside the sea but yet in the 21st century nothing has been developed that can provide pleasure and safety at the same time. There haven’t been any major innovations in condom design since Durex created the first pre-lubricated condom in 1957.

In November 2013, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation distributed $100,000 grants for researchers to develop a better condom. New thinking is needed to ensure that men and women around the world are using them consistently and correctly to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections with complete satisfaction.

But don’t get disheartened yet as there is new hope for condom users the world around. Richard Chartoff, a polymer scientist, has developed ultra-thin condoms made from polyurethane elastic polymers that respond to body heat and conform to the penis’s shape. Sounds like something we’d be happy to try on for size!

There are a few more path-breaking condom ideas floating around and one of them is the HEX condom which has been developed by LELO – a luxury sex toy company. “The hexagonal net design effectively holds together the condom,” the company explains, “So we were able to make the majority of the condom’s surface very thin without forfeiting strength. We radically changed the condom’s performance just by manipulating the structure.” The HEX’s design originated from a fairy tale from company founder Filip Sedic’s childhood, “The Peasant’s Wise Daughter,” in which a young woman wraps herself in a fish net after being told to come to the king’s castle neither “naked nor clothed.”

With some really promising work being done in the field, users can hope to soon buy condoms which enhance the act of lovemaking while protecting them from an array of diseases. Here’s a toast to happier times in the world’s favourite sport!