New Delhi: A woman in Scunthorpe town of North Lincolnshire, England gave birth to a child in less than in a minute while standing in the entrance of the hospital. Jessica Stubbins, who rushed to hospital after her labour gave birth to a baby girl in just 60 seconds and that without any medical assistance.

The CCTV footage showed Jessica giving birth to her second daughter at the entrance of the hospital.

“I could feel her coming and she just popped out like a champagne cork,” Jessica, an assistant manager at a card shop, told the Daily Mirror.

Jessica’s husband, Tom, was parking the car when his wife delivered the baby.

“It was only about a hundred feet away and I still missed it,” said a shocked Tom, who wasn’t expecting his little girl to come out that quickly at all.


Later, the nurses rushed for Jessica’s help and they said both mom and daughter are healthy and fine.

Dr. Lauren Streicher, an associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, said that this is not something that is surprising to any obstetrician.

“This is not something that is surprising to any obstetrician,” she said. “Although it’s not super-common, there really are patients that have these extremely fast, painless labors. Sometimes the cervix will open and it simply doesn’t hurt. The uterus might not actually be contracting, and then all of a sudden you feel this extraordinary pressure, and then the baby comes out.”