Insight: Pakistan diverting from “Genocide Truth”?

| Friday, March 25, 2016 - 23:00
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An Indian national Kulbhushan Yadav  has been arrested in Pakistan on charges of spying in Balochistan. The Indian govt has out rightly rejected PAK's charges, saying that the arrested individual has no links with the Government.

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Paki fabrication of RAW involvement in Balochistan

Since the occupation of Balochistan in 1948.Baloch are struggling for restoration of Freedom of Balochistan & defying the rule of Pakistan with their own all available resources & inflicting heavy losses upon Pak army & defeating themon all fronts. Pakistani occupying forces have lost all hopes of defeating Baloch nation with their borrowed USA arms & ammunitions and fighter planes; finally succeeded in involving China to open Naval Base & deploy it's garrisons on Baloch soil under the pretext of protecting CPEC. Actually Pakistan have finally realised that it cannot subdue and defeat Baloch nation's rising forces with its all borrowed sophisticated & modern weapons all alone. As such they pursued China to inter into this long war arena & save Pakistan from total collapse and share Gwader Port &Gold mines of Sandaks & Recko dek; & have a joint venture in exploring &exploiting all other mineral resources of Balochistan; as well as Chinsee &PakistanI Naval Fleet have to control Indian Ocean & Arabian Sea. Pakistan had always been blaming India for financing Baloch freedom fighters With no solid evidence. Recently an Indian citizen has been arrested &chargd as a Spy! We believe that this Indian man has a living conscious to know about the real situation in Balochistan because the electronic media has started a compaign of creating awakening about the most heinous &barbaric crimes of PakArmy's acts of genocide of Baloch people. He being unaware of total restrictions on all foreigners' entry into Balochistan; most particulary foreign tourists and journalists; so that Pak armys' heinous crimes committed by them; shouldn't be exposed to entire free world. Prior to this incident Paki ISI stopped an US journalist Mr.Willam Marx & several European foreign correspondenT's. They're totally prohibited to visit Balochistan. We are of the opinion that this Indian gentleman was in search of truth about what's happening in this region so that he may have enhance his knowledge. If he has been an American or European citizen. ISI could not have dared to arrest him But being an Indian; Pakistan want to exhibit him as an Indian Spy to show competency of it's secret agencies among Pakistani citizens; as well as use it as propaganda in foreign countries.

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