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Shaving is the latest trend in skin care. According to the beauty expert, 33% women regularly shave their face in secret for the young looking, smooth skin and less facial hair. But, what do you think, is it safe for women?

In medical terms, it is known as ‘Dermaplaning’. It takes place under the expert or professional dermatologist and the whole process of the shaving is called as dermaplaning.

Face shaving help us to regress the age and remove dead cells from the skin. In this process, a special razor is used to stroke the dead and dry skin. Its technique removes facial hair from the skin and makes your skin smoother and ready for the beautiful makeup. 

Women with thicker facial hair growth may expect exfoliating of the skin. As it is rightly said that ‘excess of everything is bad’, similarly, too much shaving can also be bad for your skin and can give you thicker, rougher skin.  

There are many other ways to exfoliate the skin than shaving which make your skin wrinkle free, smooth and gives you a young looking face. 

Home-made scrubbers are also one of the best ways to exfoliate the skin. So, wait no more, gear up for the beautiful and glowing skin and walk with confidence.

First Published | 18 April 2015 3:58 PM
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