Mumbai: Admit it; having sex at the workplace is one hell of an intriguing idea which has passed through almost every employee’s mind. And why shouldn’t it! There is no shortage of people with same thinking. Now, is it the excitement or just a mere pressure of work?

Well, as per the survey conducted by Business Insider, 54% of the respondents said they have had sex with a colleague, and that almost half of those encounters took place on work property. Amazed? Should be. A health-insurance start-up had to circulate an email pleading with employees to quit having sex in their stairwells. Shocking! Even though the idea of having sex at work might sound fun but it is dangerous as well.

With the offices being flooded by the young generation, getting attracted to the opposite sex isn’t a big deal, but the question is does it end there?  We had already accepted that having sex at workplace is a fun idea but it has a downside too.

Here are few of the experiences shared by the people who had completely embraced the idea of having sex at office with their colleague. Check them out first before you head to your nearest chemist shop.

Sex Experience at workplace with a client:

When I was 18, I got a job at a weight-loss company. They sell pills and do diet plans with people. Clients come in three times a week to check in on their dietary goals. And there was this one guy who used to come in right before closing. He was in his 30s, and he had a wife and kids and everything. He was really sweet and also thanked me for all my help. And then he started bringing me little gifts.

And then we started having sex at the store—like, all over the store. All over the place. This went on for a couple of months, and eventually I put in my notice, and one day the owner offered to take me out for coffee, just to catch up. And right after we sat down, she was like, “So I think I should tell you that we installed security cameras about six months ago.” And I sort of just said, “Oh.” Trying to be nonchalant. Because we’d always had the lights off. But of course, then she was immediately like, “Oh, and by the way, the cameras have night-vision. I just figured I should tell you because, well, his wife and I are on the PTA together.”

Don’t get me wrong, she was really nice about it. She was a good person and a free spirit. She made a point of saying, “You know, I really appreciate that you waited until closing time.”

-Naina Arora, 29 (Name changed on request)

Couple’s sex experience in washroom:

My boyfriend and I worked together at the media house, and one day we decided to take advantage of a shared lunch hour by having some sex. So, we scouted to the floor in advance and decided the men’s staff bathroom was the least likely place we’d get caught. We put a towel down on the lid where he sat, and I hopped on my boyfriend looking forward for some great office sex. We were having a great time when we heard the door open. As quick as we could, we brought our legs up and pressed our feet against either side of the stall and waited.

I have no idea how long we sat there, suspended in our spider, legs up, listening to this dude take a lengthy shit while trying not to laugh, breathe, or gag. Finally, he left, and we sat there for a minute, trying to decide if we wanted to keep at it. You’d think the sounds and smells would have deterred us, but ultimately they didn’t. We figured we’d earned it. Later in the day, I recognized the intruder by his shoes. I wasn’t ever able to look at him again without being reminded of that awkward combo of sex and poop.

-Anjali Singh, 27 (Name changed on request)

These experiences might have had you in splits, but being on the receiving end definitely isn’t funny!