How to lighten dark knees and elbows

| Saturday, March 21, 2015 - 16:14
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You can feel embarrassed having dark knees and elbows. It may lead to lack in self-confidence and make you feel self-conscious about wearing short dresses. 

The main reason of dark knees and elbows is because the skin of this area is of elastic and tough. These areas have not enough oil glands and could be cause of dry skin. 

You can get rid of dark skins over elbows and knees by applying moisturizer on a daily basis. It can help you to remove darkness and keep your skin fair. 

Natural remedies can be useful to remove darkness, but it may take time. Hence, to lighten your skin of darkened areas, take scrub and use skin lightening cream daily. 

Tips to lighten your dark skin:

1. Wash your elbows and knees daily to remove dust and dead skin. While washing, use good soap effectively on your skin.
2. Apply moisturizer and skin lightening cream on the skin that can help you to make your skin fair.
3. Keep your skin covered or wear full sleeves clothes in high temperature or when you are out. Importantly, use sunscreen lotion every day. 
4. Don’t put pressure on elbows and knees as leaning down is another reason of skin darkening in these areas. 
5. Importantly, eat healthy food full of proteins and vitamins. 

Home remedies to remove the dark skin:


Apply lemon juice on the skin over knees and elbows. It is natural whitener for your skin. Apply the fresh lemon juice on your darkened skin, leave it for overnight and rinse it off next morning.


You need a natural scrub to remove your darkened skin. Make a sugar scrub and apply it on your skin properly. It will help you to protect from getting dark and dead skin. 
You can also make a scrub with lemon juice and honey. It helps you to remove dead skins and protect from drying and keeps skin soft.

Natural oils: 

Natural oils are more important to keep your skin soft and moisture. Oils including olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil contain vitamin E that helps you to remove rough and dead skin. 

Apply oil on your elbows and knees daily before sleeping that will remove the dryness and darkness from your skin and keep smooth and soft. 

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