On World Asthma Day, asthma disturbances on the rise

| Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 12:30
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On World Asthma Day, asthma disturbances on the rise

World Asthma Day 2016

New Delhi: Asthma rocks the lives of approximately 300 million people worldwide. 1 in 12 people worldwide suffer from asthma. Asthma attacks cause 250000 deaths every year. The allergens that are known to bring on an asthmatic attack in a person can vary from person to person but usually they are dust, mites, pollens, animal dander and certain foods like nuts, artificial colour etc. Exposure to these allergens can cause wheezing, difficulty in breathing, coughing, tightness in the chest and sometimes even death.
Homeopathy is fantastic for Asthma. Not only can it effectively alleviate your symptoms during an acute attack, it is known to relieve you of this predisposition completely, unlike conventional medicine. Homeopathic medicines ensure that your body's defence mechanism works at its optimal and does not go into an overdrive every time you are exposed to dust or pollen.
The rationale behind Homeopathy is not just to treat the symptoms or pathology. It is to go for the prime base - the Immune System, and enhance it to the level of positive response. Homeopaths treat individuals with remedies that are suited to them and their specific needs. This medicine known as the "Constitutional Remedy" amongst homeopaths is carefully selected keeping in mind not just the patient's present complaints and symptoms, but also his mental attributes, emotional situation and lifestyle.
Over 100 medicines command prominence in homeopathic treatment for Asthma as well as its prevention. Homeopathic treatment for Asthma regulates the hyperactive immune system and triggers a self-healing response. The treatment being natural does not cause any side effects to the patient and is completely safe. Recent studies shows that about one third of the deadly asthma attacks occur in children. The sooner Homeopathic Treatment for Bronchial Asthma is begun, the faster and more effectively will your child's immune system develop. This will enable the child to fight Asthma more powerfully and will also prevent recurrent attacks.
Dr. Jawahar Shah, a well-known homeopath and founder and director of Welcome Cure, has treated more than 10,000 cases of acute respiratory diseases in his 40 years of practice and has also authored a book on Homeopathic Management of Respiratory disease. He also specializes in the treatment of several other grave illnesses.
Some examples include, Mrs. A.D. was suffering from an acute respiratory disease since 8 years. She found no relief with any conventional system of medicine. Exasperated, she approached Dr. Shah and was pleasantly surprised by how quick and effective Homeopathy can be. Now she sends all her friends and relatives to Dr. Shah for treatment.
S.C. found immense relief in his symptoms after he started treatment at Welcome Cure. He looks exceptionally glad as he shares, "My attacks have reduced remarkably and Homeopathy has helped me sail through the acute attacks as well."

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Asthma Article

Very good article

Homeopathy is awesome :)

I love homeopathy and have found it to be so effective in almost all health issues.


Homeopathy gives long lasting relief, Free from side effect, It is safe for all age group of people Cost Effective also Welcome Cure is online Medical portal where you can consult the Expert Doctors across the globe ...


Very well written hats off kuddos


I like Homeopathy. Beautiful article. Homeopathy, in my experience is the best system of medicine.


Homeopathy has helped me a lot an always given me relief.

Asthma article

Homoeopathy the best cure for Asthma

Homeopathy - Gives awesome Relief

Homeopathy gives relief and cures the disease from its root cause. I would recommend Welcome Cure because its saves a lot of time of the patient and the patient doesnt has to wait in queue at the doctors clinic everything is done online. The medicines are being couriered and the patient can consult the doctor anytime. Homeopathy has helped me alot and thanks to Welcome Cure for the same.


Many Doctors under one roof in Welcome Cure - Homeopathy is Safe proof or Side Effects proof & treatment are pocket friendly in Welcome cure.


Keep up the great work, Dr. Jawahar Shah


Really appreciate your great work, Dr. Jawahar Shah

Asthma treatment

Asthma needs holistic approach. The right guidance about lifestyle choices, exercises and food habits can definitely go a long way in relieving symptoms.

The wonders of Homeopathy

This is an informative article. Thanks I have personally seen many people getting relief with Homeopathy. The most natural and safe treatment.


A very enlightening article! Homeopathy definitely has good results in cases of asthma and various other Respiratory complaints!!

Homeopathy is a great option!

Holistic healing is the call of the day. Homeopathy is a great option when it comes to allergies and low immunity. Thank you for the information


I have seen good result for Asthma with Homeopathy. It really works!

Homeopathy and Asthma

Thank You for such an informative article on asthma and creating awareness of homeopathy. Not many know how homeopathy benefits in asthmatic patients especially kids. Homeopathy reduces the use of inhalers and help asthma patients who are restricted to do any physical activities.

Homeopathy is the best option

Definetly holistic healing is the right way of treatment. Thanks to homeopathy a great solution and the best way of treatment


I believe holistic way of treatment is the best way of treatment thanks to homeopathy. Great article......

Homeopathy the best treatment for Asthma

I am a big fan of Homeopathy and with the Pollution level going higher and higher in this era, this Article is very informative and definitely it will help the masses. Welcome Cure definitely is an excellent platform for Homeopathy treatment with its expert panel of doctors and convenience at your Doorstep. E-health i would term it...A big thumsup and i would definitely recommend Welcome Cure's Treatment in my network. Good luck and best wishes :)


Thank you for this interesting article. Homoeopathy certainly gives good results in all diseases and not just Asthma. In a natural way and without side effects it improves immunity.

Very Helpful Article!!

Homeopathic treatment for any diseases is very good as it is side effect free medicine and Dr Shah has really contributed very brilliantly through out his life for homeopathy.Thank you for this helpful article.

Awesome Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment for any diseases is very good as it is side effect free medicine and Dr Shah has really contributed very brilliantly through out his life for homeopathy.Thank you for this helpful article.

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