Beer doesn’t give that belly! Yes, it’s true! Here are 6 reasons why beer is not bad for you

| Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 15:41
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6 reasons why beer is not bad for you

Beer season is back. Yes, in this scorching heat, you definitely are thinking of picking up a pint of your favourite beer. Wait a sec! Is your beer belly stopping you from doing so? Worry no more; here are 6 reasons that beer is not bad for you, obviously if had in moderation.

Beer belly is certainly an unavoidable myth of every beer lover and the proof of which is that we all have at least one such member around us who looks like they are pregnant regardless of their actual state or gender. 

But did you know that beer gut does not exist? Or for that matter that weight that you carry below your chest has really nothing to do with the actual beer consumption?

Read on to further encourage your taste buds…

Some researchers were curious to understand the whole concept of beer belly but unfortunately, obviously for them, they received a surprising finding that beer appears to have absolutely nothing to do with the so called ‘beer belly’.

Yes, and if you keep your intake under a little control, there are chances that it may not have any correlation with your general weight gain at all. 

Now, obviously, beer has calories, so a big intake of it will definitely contribute to weight gain and especially when it is clubbed with your ‘over-fried’ appetizers. So when you have beer sensibly, there is no fear of weight gain.

Scroll down to further understand some facts which tells you that beer is actually not bad for you…

Beer is as natural as milk

While some believe that beer is loaded with additives and preservatives, the truth is that beer is all-natural as an orange juice or milk. That yellow drink that you are fond of does not require preservatives as it already has alcohol and hops, both of which are natural preservatives. It is only processed like any other bakery item – ‘cooked, fermented, filtered and packaged.  For the lovers, it is even better now that the option of freshly brewed beer, wheat beer etc is easily available.

Improves your cholesterol

Well, beer is not only cholesterol free but also has some ingredients that may improve your cholesterol in your body. A moderate consumption of beer regularly will tilt your HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios in the appropriate way.

You have two types of cholesterol in your system – HDL, the ‘good’ one and LDL, the ‘bad’ one. Beer flushes your system and keeps the level of HDL up. 

It is better and safer than water

Beer is always a safer bet if you are at a place where you are advised not to have local drinking water. In fact, it is even safer than the local bottled water. Unlike water, beer is boiled in the brewing process and is kept clean right from its bottle capping to sealing because if it is not done, it goes bad in obvious ways and gets impossible to be sold. Another aspect is that even if it goes bad, there are no life-threatening bacteria (pathogens) that can live in beer, while we all know what dirty water can to do to our system.

Helps you live longer

There is no doubt that moderate intake of beer is good for your health. We all know that excess drinking can harm our body in several ways but several medical researchers have indicated that if you do not drink at all, that is not good for your health either.

According to several independent researchers, moderate drinkers live longer and better than teetotalers. 

It is a perfect drink because of its lower alcohol content and large volumes as compared to wines and spirits. 

Thomas Jefferson had explained, “Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health.” Well, he certainly did not need any scientific study to prove his point.

Stone problem? Have a beer! 

You definitely would not be an alien to this statement! Have you visited a doctor for stone problem? If not directly, several doctors would indirectly suggest you to have beer if you have a stone issue as it helps you urinate more, an essential step to get away with the stone.

Have enough B vitamins

An unfiltered version of beer or slightly filtered beer is actually nutritious. It has high levels of B Vitamins, folic acid in particular that is believed to prevent heart attacks. Apart from this, beer also has enough amounts of magnesium and potassium; for fear that you were planning on metal-plating your gut.

So, here is it! Drink beer and live longer and happier! Yes, you would not get fat if follow the instructions carefully. In fact, you may start weighing less because of excess urinating. What more can you ask for? Enjoy healthy drinking! Cheers!

Please note that this article is not aimed at an encouragement to drink especially for those who have a medical condition or a teetotaler.

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