Are lefties being ‘left out’? World celebrates ‪‪International Lefthanders Day

| Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 12:24
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International Lefthanders Day

New Delhi: A very happy left-handers day to all the lefties out there! In a world dominated by the right-handers, we have compiled some of the inconveniences left-handed people endure while living in a world more familiar with right-handed people.

Here are some mind boggling facts about the left-handed people:

a) To start with, there is just 10% of the world's population who are left-handed and have remained roughly the same for thousands of years.

b) The biggest grief: game controllers were not designed with lefties in mind. Also, scissors do not apply to lefties.

c) Men are also more likely to be left-handed in comparison to women.

d) Lefties are also called ‘southpaws’; the term was coined in baseball to describe a left-handed pitcher.

e) Left-hand shakes are considered a sign of disrespect; this derives from the Middle Ages when people used their left hand to wipe after going to the toilet.

f) Earlier, left-handed people were also considered shabby because left hand people had been associated with witchcraft.

g) Figures show that five out of the last seven US presidents were left-handed. Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were all powerful lefties.

h) There's a place called 'Left-Hand' in Virginia, US.

i) However, most of the famous people around the globe still remain left-handers; like Barack Obama the US President, Leonardo Da Vinci that famous Artist who painted Mona Lisa, Drew Barrymore the gorgeous Actress, Tom Cruise the world renowned actor, James Cameron the 'Avatar' Director and the list goes on.

Hope your ‘Left-handers’ day is a little rejoiced. Tell us more if we missed out on any facts in the comment section.

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