Nation at 9: Maharashtra CM says, "Chant 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' or get out"

| Sunday, April 3, 2016 - 23:21
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Nation at 9: Maharashtra CM says, "Chant 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' or get out"
Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has waded into the Bharat Mata ki Jai controversy, saying “Chant the slogan or get out of the country”.
This follows the fatwa issued by the Darul Uloom Deoband saying that Muslims should not say Bharat Mata ki Jai. The split is absolutely wide open now.
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Chanting bharathmata ki Jai

Till the pariwar bigwig made the controversial statement, bmkj was never a disputed slogan in India! Everyone, including me, for whom the slogan had appeal, chanted it, sung it, written it and so on! Who liked any other slogan more, did do so with that slogan! Some wear dhoti, some trouser, some pyjama, some shorts and some khaki shorts! It makes no difference. We are all judged by our actions and not beliefs. So is the case with slogans! The whole trouble started when it emerged that those thousands of killers who killed thousand or thousands of innocent men, women and children in Gujarat carnage did the killings and rapes shouting bmkj. The same people refused to fly national flag even on 15 August and 26 jan because of their contempt for national flag and all those who participated in the freedom movement! those who lynched in Dadri chanted bmkj. Those who hanged the cattle trader and the child too must have chanted it! Definitely those criminal rogue lawyers of Delhi from pariwar groups and wolves expecting pariwar government patronage in law officer appointments who beat up Kanhaiya and journalists did chant bmkj during and while reversing sticks on which they were flying national flag! The Bajrang dal and Shree ram sena goons shouted this slogan while committing the crimes they did against women and against young men and women found in public places together on Valentine's Day! They even forced at one point of time a brother and sister tie the knot in public under duress not believing their claims of being a brother and sister on valentines day . These killers, these criminals have begun committing these horrific crimes chanting bmkj and some times using the stick with tirangaa on one end to beat innocent people by reversing the tirangaa stick! A gun shot resonates and scares common folk! A bomb blast resonates and scares common folk! The roar of a man eater lion resonates and scares common folk! The roar of bhajrangdal killers chanting bmkj and torching and killing people resonates and scares people! Thus chanted, and anything thus chanted resonates and scares people! The moment you hear it, your adrenalin rushes and bp and pulse rate go up, because the smell and sound of danger, of killing , of lynching pervades the air and sound waves and instills fear and scare and imminent death! That is why alla Ho Akbar chanted by many killers across the world resonates and scares people! When Muslim brothers pray and offer namaz and chant lyrically alla Ho Akbar , three is no scare! When Hindu prayers are sung at a Satsang or temple, the songs resonate but do not spread scare! Because the chants and lyrics have been not used by killers! They have been used by devotees of respective religion! But when Hindu or Muslim fanatics and killers chant any slogan, it not matters not what the words of the slogan mean. But when they chant bmkj and torch people, behead people, maim people, rape women, that slogan resonates and spreads fear and death and people get scared! So an inhibition develops even among those who chanted that slogan before in appropriate situations. It's like touch me not plant reaction. It is this new use of the chant by the killers and criminals that has brought the otherwise lovable and inspiring slogan of bmkj into disrepute . And the killers belong to this pariwar that has suddenly found new love for tirangaa which they resisted for over fifty long years. Even now one gentleman Biggy prefers bhagwa for tirangaa and vandemataram for janaganamana! That is because they used these slogans while killing and for killing and for and during the criminal demolition of Babri masjid! That is why the people at large are scared! The Muslims are even more scared! So let us realise that no one has anything patent against the bmkj. It is the problem with killers, torchers and rapists who use bmkj or alla Ho Akbar that scares people! We have no rule of law! That is why so few of the thousands of killers that killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in 1984 anti Sikh riots of Delhi , of the Gujarat carnage and other carnages and lynchings have been punished though decades have passed! It is this fear of lack of rule of law on the part of the Republic that scares people when a slogan chanted by killers is made a litmus test for innocent folk. We innocent folk do not believe in killing and maiming and torching and raping! So we are scared to shout our beloved slogan that we used to shout before, because the evil has highjacked our slogan! Let not slogans decide who is good and who is bad! Let only actions decide! Every killing, every lynching, every torching, every rape, every demolition of temple or mosque, other than obstructions on roads, are evil! We are scared of any word chanted by the killers! It is death that scares us, not the word! If a word denotes death, then the meaning of word changes to death, no matter what the great word meant before it was chanted as a pre kill chant! That's the danger ! That's is the problem! Satyameva jayathe! Jai hind! Inquilaab zinadabad ! Long live the unity of Indian people! Long live Liberty , equality and fraternity !

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