Nation At 9: You give your life savings but get 'hovels' and 'threats'

| Friday, April 15, 2016 - 23:26
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Nation At 9: You give your life savings but get 'hovels' and 'threats'

Builders and developers around the country have been complaining about the downturn in the market for well over 3 years now. But the downturn never really affected their marketing and advertising budgets it seems. As more and more stars, celebrities who don’t come cheap mind you, lined up as brand ambassadors waxing eloquent about the virtues of investing in this group or the other. Case in point is the cricket superstar MS Dhoni who is facing flak over the Amrapali Group, a brand that he endorsed which is failing to deliver project and amenities on time.
The Amrapali Sapphire controversy has just highlighted the worst kept secret for thousands of such investors across the country, especially in the NCR region about high handedness of developers and builders and the underhanded, borderline illegal ways they adopt to "handle" customers who’ve paid in full but get only a fraction of the amenities they were promised. In worse cases, the projects get delayed for years on end for a variety of  reasons: ranging from lack of capital, regulatory permits, construction delays, you name it.
Now delays are not the worst form of torture that investors and paying consumers have to face, in the middle of the Amrapali outrage, we have a case in Bangalore where the builder tried to intimidate residents of the housing society with hired gun-toting goons hoping it would silence the largely middle class residents into submission. Unfortunately for the Ajmera Infinity Developers, the entire sequence was captured by one of the harassed residents.
The big question that we are asking tonight is: what is stopping the police to take suo motu cognizance of such cases? Will the new real estate law help people in their fight against errant and high handed developers who exploit the Indian middle class dream of owning a house and turn it into the new Indian middle class nightmare? Let’s not forget the celebrities who endorse such brands? Are they not liable?  Does the argument by those like Dhoni and Shahrukh Khan hold any water when they say that celebrity endorsers cannot take the blame if brands don’t deliver? Isn’t that hypocritical to say the least?

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We need to hear both sides of the case!

You have certainly done a good job at highlighting the various problems that exist in the real estate market right now. Residents deserve to get what they are promised. In the Ajmera case itself, we, residents of Ajmera Villows and S&T Block don't have a water connection and our access is blocked due to illegal activities by the Infinity AIAOWA association. These are definitely unfair practices and should be brought to justice. More people need to know about that side of the case:

Rightly said by

Rightly said by @SupportVillows, we, the residents of Villows and S&T Block are the ones that are suffering because of all this. AIAOWA has disconnected our water supply and has also built a wall to refrain us from using common amenities. In our contract it is clearly written that we can use common amenities which is also used by Infinity residents. But they are not allowing us to use all these and more over they have illegally disconnected our water supply. This video will give you a proof of all the hardships that we are facing

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