Nation At 9: Mired in sex scandal shame, Kejriwal takes moral high ground

| Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 22:57
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In a dramatic development, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal sacked his Minister of Women and Child Welfare Sandeep Kumar on Twitter. He said he's received an objectionable CD that made the minister's position untenable. The 9 minute video showed the mantri in a compromising position with two women and also had many photographs.  Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that his party had a zero tolerance policy. Critics are slamming Kejriwal for trying to make a virtue out of a necessity.
Meanwhile, the man in question, Sandeep Kumar has strongly defended himself saying this is a conspiracy, and that he is being targeted because he is a Dalit.
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Please explain the phrase

Please explain the phrase "SCANDAL" used on your public platform.... Wt happened is not a "STING' but a "STEAL" operation..... So where is the so called "SCANDAL" screamed by Abhigyan, Arnab & you at the top of their voice ...???? It is apparent that both people seem happy and contentent in whatever they were doing.. The Guy who leaked this private video footage must be questioned as to "HOW" & "WHEN" he stole this recording from Sandeep's place and why he should not be tried for robbery, intrusion & trespassing into some one's private life and property...???? I suggest that Sandeep be advised to lodge an FIR on the person who claims he gave the recordings to AAP and question as to what else he has stollen from sandeep's place.... Please do let me know and explain if my inference of the subject is right ...... If no explanation is forth comming, I will construe it as a grave lapse in your journalistic accumen.....

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