Nation at 9: How can a Pakistan lover be an MLA?

| Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 08:34
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Rashid Engineer, an MLA from Kashmir gets paid lakhs of rupees as salary and perks by the Indian taxpayers but he insults Indians on Indian soil.

While India says that PoK is an illegal occupation of Pakistan, Engineer not just rejects this claim but also questions the veracity of polls in Jammu & Kashmir.

Engineer who has in the past backed terrorists and demanded memorials for them has also termed the PoK polls as democratic.

The PDP cleared that they abide by India's stand on PoK but said that there is very little that teh government could do against Rashid Engineer's treachery.

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Nation at 9: How can a Pakistan lover be an MLA?

Only in a democratic India. But it is still very wrong. Confiscate everything from this traitor-terrorist and expell him with his supporters into his beloved Pakistan.

Kashmir and the grudge of it's section of people.

Illusion is the only word suitable for the expectation of the separatist minority. Pakistan is certainly not a great well wisher of the people of Kashmir Valley. They need to compare the standard of life between the P O K and Indian Kashmir. Five decades of negligence and suppression of P O K are the only accomplishment of Pakistan. India has been living peacefully after independence with one of the largest Islamic population of the world than the Islamic republic of Pakistan. Why Pakistan's heart is not beating for Bangladesh? Why Baluchistan is living in penury?Why Pakistan could not survive without Military rule for most of it's history?The separatists have no vision for Kashmir. They are paid Islamic fanatics. Part of P O K has been gifted to China already. Why the separatists are dumb in this regard? Neither Pakistan nor the separatists can answer honestly. The blind desire of separatists trying to lure the majority towards misery is a phenomenal urge. On the other hand India has it's own rights and security issues and it can not give up anything in the Valley in the larger interest of Kashmir as integral part of India.

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