Kejriwal questions Modi's US visit

| Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 13:28
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Kejriwal questions Modi's US visit

Kejriwal questions Modi's US visit

New Delhi: Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit and said there was a need to first make India strong before expecting investment from abroad.
"PM Modi's US trip ends. Time to ponder what has the country achieved from his foreign trips so far?" Kejriwal tweeted.
He said that if "we make India strong, investments will come at our terms, else investors will dictate terms. For instance, Chinese first built China and then all corporate giants vied to invest in China. So, lets first Make India".
He also questioned Modi's travel and argued if it suited "the stature of an Indian PM to visit individual cos seeking investments?".

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Modi's USA visit

By RUNNING after US corporates, he is MAKING fun of himself . he is neither a statesman, nor strategist or a LEADER. A leader , creates leaders, has STRONG characteristics and gets things done.He talks but BABU do not IMPLEMENT. By BETRAYING soldiers & Farmers, he is reduced to JUMLA KING.His country men do not TRUST him. He not only DESTROYED the army & its leadership, he is a pawn in the hands of greedy babus & netas. Corruption is increasing, SCAMS are coming to light. It seems that he is in a HURRY to DESTROY for which congress took 50 years. GOD bless us. Col S N Aggarwal-Veteran

Strength and week ness

It is good economics to simultaneously launch infrastructure build up, clean India, financial inclusion, energy libelisation, spectrum transparency, shore up manufacturing, reform fertilizer distribution, reform soil treatment, accessibility of credit for farmers, better irrigation by joining rivers ( Andhra Pradesh) , more crop per drop of water, labour reforms, taxation reforms, defence reforms, cultural inclusion with widening of space for every one rather than one family being projected, proactive practices to curb corruption( gas cylinder distribution using Aadhar for direct subsidy to accounts) , black money laws made strict, defence production indigenisation, etc After all these steps taken, govt has leap frogged into job creation thro investment as well and exposure to new technology. Exposure and exports give us wealth of experience instead of sulking with only what we produce as proposed by some so called intellectuals. That had been the reason why our value generation as nation is low since we have not socialised with other countries who are more affluent than us. It is wrong to say China has not passed thro this stage. They have in their own communist and authoritarian manner and we are doing in more democratic sense. Let us stop being frogs in the well and that is one of the reasons aap is shrinking in size due to non inclusive secluded ideology that is filled with inferiority complex rather than confident outward looking attitude that our Govt of the day has displayed.

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