Dadri Lynching: PM Modi breaks silence; says incident unfortunate

| Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 12:58
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PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Days after the Dadri lynching episode and cancellation of Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali’s concert in Mumbai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally broken his silence and said that both these incidents are ‘unfortunate’.
Annoyed by the continuous attack from the Opposition, PM Modi in an interview to a newspaper said the responsibility does not lie with his Government.
“Dadri and Ghulam Ali incidents are definitely unfortunate but at the same time the Central government is not responsible for it,” Modi said.
Reacting on PM Modi's speech, Sanjay Raut, Spokesperson Shiv Sena said, "PM linked with Godhra; can he question us?"

Sena said PM Modi's comments were sad; "PM is only being politically correct."

The Dadri lynching incident had lead to 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq's death in Dadri.  He had been attacked by an angry mob on September 28 over rumours that his family consumed beef in Bisada village of Dadri, Uttar Pradesh.
Akhlaq was dragged out of his home with his 22-year-old son Danish and the father-son duo were grievously injured by the mob. While Akhlaq died on the spot, Danish is being treated at a local hospital and has undergone two brain surgeries.
After the Dadri incident, another major embarrassment for the saffron party happened when its ally Shiv Sena in Maharashtra threatened to disrupt Ghulam Ali’s concert in Mumbai that led to its cancellation. In spite of the assurance from Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the organizers feared going ahead with the scheduled plan.
The Opposition has strongly reacted to both the incidents and questioned PM Modi’s silence over the two issues. Apart from this, they have also questioned the ink attack on ORF's Sudheendra Kulkarni, who was the key man behind organising the book launch event for the former Pakistan Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri in Mumbai.
Hitting back at the accusations raised by the Opposition, PM Modi said, “The BJP never supports such incidents. The opposition accuses BJP of communal politics every time but actually they are the ones indulging in it.”

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it is not about unfortunate, it is about fascism

the learned prime minister's remarks and stand is unfortunate, not the the two incidents.there is nothing that is a matter of fortune or fortunate or unfortunate of any kind in this. the killing is by design, by a fascist mob, led by persons who are akin to storm troopers of late shri Adolf Hitler maharaj in Germany and shri Benito Mussolini guruji in Italy. thre was no occasion for anyone to make an issue of what the poor man and his family were eating in their house and what these neo Indian fascist rogue elements saw, discussed, debated, spread rumours and then taking the excuse of the rumour incited mobs that already were injected with fascist poison into this gory incident. the gentlemen of sangh pariwar, including the great prime minister have not taken any decisive action against the political thought, against the fascist elements in their pariwar, in their union and state governments, their members of parliament, their members of legislative assemblies and councils, municipalities and other local government bodies, their party members and pariwar members, and not in the least their alliance partners of many decades, m/s shivsena. the union of india and the states in india, specially those states that belong to the same party as the union government is ruled, have sole and exclusive responsibility to maintain rule of law. the neo Indian fascist direction of shivsena not to hold the concert of shri gulam ali can not be allowed to operate. the concert was not held because they organisers can not defy shivsena. the organisers can not defy shivsena because the governments in power in Maharashtra, be they of congress, congress/ncp before or bjp/shivsena before or now do not practice politics and governance by rule of law.they do not believe in rule of law.they can not practice what they do not believe. they do not believe in rule of law because they do not believe in democracy, pluralism, the rights of people provided in the constitution and in the universal declaration of human rights by united nations organisation! they do not believe in the above because they believe in neo indian fascism. the fascism that took shape in Italy under Benito Mussolini and in Germany under Adolf Hitler has a political philosophy based on thoughts, beliefs and practices that are against evolution of human civilisation over thousands of years.anti semitism was one excuse to rally people by brain washing them, poisoning their minds with hatred, castigate all progressive, civil and democratic forces and bulldoze them and attain and keep power and rule by dictatorship, enslave people and ideas. the neo Indian Hindu variety of fascism replaces Jews of Hitler and Mussolini with Muslims and Christians,liberty,equality and fraternity ! the neo Indian Muslim variety of fascism replaces the word Jews with Hindus and Christians, liberty,equality and fraternity. the few but vocal neo Indian christian variety of fascists replace the word jews with hindus and muslims and those who love liberty,equality and fraternity. now are these three varieties of neo Indian fascism any different from each other? let us see their actions. the neo Indian Hindu fascists kill, rape and burn innocent Muslims, Christians, and democrats in organised riots and all in terrorist acts. the neo Indian Muslim fascists kill innocent Hindus and democrats in organised riots and all in terrorist acts. the neo indian christian fascism is still in a budding stage. these fools want to grow under the shadows of the Hindu and Muslim fascisms! how?! by taking advantage of the state support that fascisms of the Hindu and Muslim varieties get, they too plead for the same support for their own variety of fascism! without one variety of fascism, the other varieties can not flourish! if hindu fascists kill,rape and burn innocent muslims, muslim fascists kill, rape and burn innocent Hindus. because Hindu fascists kill , rape and burn innocent Muslims, slowly Muslims in general turn against all Hindus. because Hindu fascists are hidden among ordinary Hindu innocent people. same thing happens when Muslim fascists kill, rape and burn Hindu innocents in a reverse manner. and all of them in united voice act and speak against democratic and freedom loving people and leaders, intellectuals and rationalists. it is a serious mistake if anyone believes that only sangh pariwar organisations are fascist.a large number of Indian fascists do exist in congress and ncp too. they were in very large numbers in congress party in the early days of India after 1947. gobind vallab panth, the then prime minister of united provinces was a great fascist that aided and abetted the thought and actions of killers of late shri mohandas karamchand gandhi.there were many hidden supporters of this thought and action in congress. many slowly came out of congress and formed many fascist organisations within and outside sangh pariwar. the congress is completely weakened. because congress became sick, sangh pariwar gained strength. they also reformed and revived their strategy and tactics with new age neo fascist thinkers and politicians that are English savvy, tech savvy, international savvy, international modern fascism savvy! they have enlisted many capitalists and industrialists, just like shri Adolf Hitler maharaj did in Germany in his support.the tax evader sections, zero business sections of population are today the strongest supporters of sangh pariwar, shivsena and fascism in general! look the leaders and cadres of the bajrang dal, vhp, shriram sena, sanathan sansthan and other Hindu fringe that are actually propped up, ideologically led and organisationally and philosophically supported by the parent organisation, the great rashjtriya swayam sewak sangh! look at their daily business, their invoice or non invoice practices in their business! it will be very enlightening! with the ascent to power of bjp lead by shri modi in the union government, the neo Indian Hindu fascist elements all over India and more in bjp ruled states and uttar prades have become extremely emboldened. they have formed hired or ideological teams of killers. now they are on a killing spree of innocent, unarmed, harmless old men that espouse the cause of liberty, equality and fraternity, by whatever name they are called, rationalists, anti toll, rti activists, leftists etc. soon these kiler teams will start attacking Muslim and christian persons, instill fear, terrorise them and scare them. the state in india will be passive, just like the state in Germany and Italy remained passive. slowly more and more fascists or puppets will be installed in all state controlled or sponsored bodies in all fields. they will change textbooks for the worse into fascist propaganda just like shri Hitler and shri Mussolini did.they will slowly begin chasing away thinkers, scientists and freedom lovers from India! they will stop more and more freedom lovers and upholders from coming to India by not issuing visa or by holding them at airports. we already have many fascist laws in India introduced by congress led and bjp led governments in the past. people can shoot or make movies without government control.they can not do research without government permission and editing! even foreign students are not easily allowed to do a PhD study in India without serious controls by government! we can go to USA and do any kind of political, economic or social research. thousands of Indians are doing PhD and done before in USA and Europe! how do we treat aspirants of research in India? this is the real Hallmark of Indian fascism. we are seriously mistaken if we call only sangh pariwar fascist and congress as progressive! congress too is fascist and before bjp was ever in power anywhere it was the fascist elements in congress that made so many fascist laws, rules and practices part of mainstream life and governance in India. it is such fascist action of smt indira nehru gandhi of imposing internal emergency in India that gives a handle to shri modi and his ilk to criticise congress as authoritarian and bjp rss as victims. they were victims because they challenged her fascist authority, though themselves being fascist! it was factional oppression of one fascist grouping by another more dominant grouping at the given point of time. now it is the upper hand of sangh pariwar! we are going to witness high levels and incidence of fascist actions, laws, rules and practices, subjugation of institutions by fascist forces, cramming of all state sponsored organisations by fascists, enrollment of more fascist elements selectively into judiciary, ias, ips, armed forces and police and other para military forces. and as a precursors, we are going to see an exodus of thousands of babus in police, and all government departments, institutions, corporations etc embracing saffron, parroting fascist lingo and a lot more! but that people and thinkers and freedom lovers are able to sense this infection of fascism is a good sign. that many are coming forward to voice against fascist killings, bans, blackening, return of awards is a heartening sign and gives hope that though neo Indian fascism of Hindu, Muslim and christian variety may dominate in the short run, people will see their true colours and unite to defeat fascism. bihar can be a water shed. but even if bihar is lost, still the Indian people are most likely to come together to defeat neo Indian fascism in the long run. long live liberty, equality and fraternity! down with every kind and colour of fascism! satyameva jayathe! sarvajane sukhinaabhavantho! jai hind!

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