Bihar exit Polls: Mahagathbandhan will win more than 190 seats, says Lalu Prasad Yadav

| Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 23:14
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The Bihar election has national resonance. It's a referendum on many things. The vitality of brand Modi, the appeal of suit-boot socialism, a referendum on NDA's performance and most importantly it is a verdict on what some have called the Politics of intolerance. A loss of the NDA could be catastrophic at many levels for it politically. But more than the alliance it could have a defining impact on India's growth story. The NDA would be forced to rollback an expansive reforms agenda that investors tout as essential but the opposition tags anti-poor. Going into exit poll hour there are many imponderables that could shape and define the result. The turnout, the caste chemistry, leadership and the minority vote. The exit poll data is with us but the EC ordered curfew expires in 64 minutes so in the interim we will examine what could shape the outcome. 

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Bihar Exit Polls are Bogus

Why have the BOGUS POLLSTERS been BLIND to FACTS and why have they NOT CARED to analyze the EFFECTS of the extremely ANGRY MOOD of Bihari voters, which has been caused by the MASSIVE RISE in the PRICES of essential commodities?    The COUNTING of VOTES  of the DESPERATE Biharis may PROVE Laloo Prasad Yadav's PREDICTION as RIGHT, in which he claims that the Grand Alliance is set to win 190 seats in the Bihar Assembly! Then Laloo can no more be considered as  a JOKER among the Indian politicians. It is even POSSIBLE that the JDU, RJD and Congress may together WIN 200 seats or more!!     The Baniyaas of BJP like Narendra Modi are responsible for the MASSIVE RISE in PRICES of foodgrains, pulses (daals), cooking oils, onions, etc. The Baniyaa CAPITALISTS have EXPLOITED the POOR PEOPLE of India and deprived them from getting the essential commodities at FAIR PRICES by NOT SUPPLYING them in adequate quantities to many states like Bihar. Narendra Modi can NEVER STOP the Baniyaas from PROFITEERING. Can he ever work AGAINST the INTERESTS of Baniyaas who belong to his own caste?     The RESULTS of the Bihar Assembly elections will PROVE that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the BIGGEST JOKER of India in the political field! The BJP also will be known as the PARTY of COMMEDIANS.    The COMMON PEOPLE of Bihar can give a MASSIVE DEFEAT to the BJP, as they have STOPPED believing in the BOGUS PROMISES of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and their bunch of BJP JOKERS. The people of India will also soon have GREAT FUN as they will get a CHANCE to LAUGH at the CLOWNS of the BJP.  

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