In spite of massive calls to the govt to pass the Juvenile Justice Amendment Act and prolong his stay under judicial custody, the High Court today decided that the juvenile was going to be released this Sunday, December 20.
The juvenile involved in the December 16, 2012 Nirbhaya case will be transferred to the Juvenile Justice Board where he will be put under observation for a maximum of two years.
The juvenile was prosecuted under the Juvenile Justice Act in 2012 where he was sentenced to stay in a remand home for three years, that is till Dec 20.
Speaking to NewsX, Nirbhaya’s father said that the court’s decision could not be challenged but that the decision of keeping the convict under observation for two years was a good judgement. The father said that the court’s decision will serve as a good hindrance and discourage criminal behaviour among minors across the country.
Nirbhaya’s mother, however, did not resist sharing her disappointment over the court’s verdict and the government’s inaction.
“Despite all our efforts, such a criminal is being freed by our court and our government. What they promised us about giving justice, that justice has not been delivered. In the end, a criminal has been set free. I do not understand this. . . ” said the mother.