SC to hear petition against juvenile rapist on Monday

| Sunday, December 20, 2015 - 11:23
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SC to hear petition against juvenile rapist on Monday
New Delhi: Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal late on Saturday filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court against the release of the juvenile convict in Nirbhaya gang rape case. The apex court has decided to hear the petition on Monday.
Maliwal along with a legal team approached the court late night and filed the petition. 
"After going though the matter, Chief Justice of India has sent the case to the judges of vacation bench comprising Justice Adarsh Goel and Justice Uday Lalit," Maliwal told reporters.
"The court has accepted the case and listed it as the item number 3 which is to be heard on Monday," she said. 
"Since the case has been registered, the matter is sub-judice now and hence the Nirbhaya rapist should not be released on Sunday," she said. "I hope the juvenile convict in Nirbhaya gang rape case is kept in juvenile home until the case is heard."
In the petition, DCW has pitched for not releasing the juvenile convict until his mental reformation is ascertained.
"The government of India in its stand submitted that there is no material to establish that the mental state of the respondent has been reformed. His behaviour and attitude in the special home confirmed by the government agencies is that the respondent continues to have criminal/perverse bent of mind which poses a serious threat to women...," DCW wrote in its petition.
"Thus releasing the said respondent without even calling for an assessment of his mental state may be extremely dangerous to the society," the petition said.
The convict in Nirbhaya gang rape case is now 20 years old. He was a juvenile in 2012 when he committed the heinous crime along with his friends in a moving bus in the capital.
The court found him guilty of raping and assaulting the victim, who later died in hospital, along with five accomplices.
Due to being a juvenile when the crime was committed, he was tried under the Juvenile Justice Act and was ordered to be kept in a remand home for three years. He was to be released on December 20.
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The biggest & saddest irony of our country is that when the elite people like the Gandhi family are charged for scams on land deals or misappropriation of funds in National Herald case, then the functioning of the parliaments are stalled for months & all the pending bills of national interests are held up. Even the judiciary can in a bipartisan manner set aside a legislation passed by both the houses of the parliament when its against their present collegeium system of nomination of judges/justices in the various courts of law. But, both these elite Parliamenterians & the Justices cannot accumulate either the courage to change the existing juvenile laws or set aside existing laws & pass strict orders against a hardcore juvenile who committed such a barbaric & heinous crime against Lt.Jyoti Singh(Nirbhay). Who are these so called elite politicians & judiciary serving? Are they serving only the elite of our country or the interest of the common man? If this the trend then its high time when this country needs a bloody civil revolution against the present system. Lets draw blood of these elites so that the common people are not choked & can breathe free oxygen.

stop him

Plz do not release this man he is very dangerous and must be punished very badly .

stop him put him behind the bars

Do not allow him to c day or night let him just c darkness as he has given darkness to nirbhayas family . If the court allows him to be free it's a shame to our country and our law because it's your kids and d rest of them who will be scared to go out anywhere in d night or during d day . And if d kid is small he will take advantage of it and say I'm below 18 and be happy

Nirbhaya rapist

You should refere to Nirbhaya rapist as a rapist and not juvenile as he is now a fully grown adult

Juvenile case hearing in SC on 21/12/15

It is not simple delinquency but depravity. Releasing him sets a sad example of weak law and poor justice. Rulings of the SC have the same effect as the law passed by the parliament. Juvenile delinquency covers innocent acts committed which turn out to be in conflict with the law, whereas depravity is cool, calculated and planned crime. The court can use the rulings of American SC which had awarded death or life sentence to such depravity and barbarity.

Please hang the devil.

Please DO NOT let him out on the streets. Hang the Devil ...make him an example ....please set a precedence ...pass the bill..hang him ! No sympathy for the devil !

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