In an instant highlighting the proliferation of radical and intolerant elements in the country, the Maharashtra government arrested 17 people, including a minor, for purportedly trying to murder two police officers. 
On February 19, on the occasion of Shivaji Jayanti, a local radical fringe had gathered around the Ambedkar Chowk in Paangaon town in the Latur district. To celebrate the occasion, they had decided to hoist saffron flags in an area which is normally considered communally sensitive. Occurring at around 1 30 am in the morning, two policemen dispersed the crowd. But the next morning, the crowd gathered at the same venue, and when the two policemen, one head constable and the other a sub-inspector, tried to restrain the crowd again, they were attacked by the enraged mob. 
Related to the incident which followed next, a video has emerged online where the one of the policeman is forced to hoist saffron flags and chant the slogans with the crowd. This radical fringe in the Maharashtra government disallowed the policemen from doing their job and instead forced them to participate in their sloganeering during the Shivaji Jayanti occasion. 
It seems that the cop, named Asi Yusuf Sheikh, was target of a communal fringe who took umbrage after being stopped by someone of an another religion or belief. The cop was paraded around the town with a mob numbering more than the 17 which have been arrested by the Maharashtra government. 
This incident comes in a throng of various agitations stemming from the idea of nationalistic belongingness and intense patriotism for one’s cause.