Man brutally murdered in Tamil Nadu, wife battles for life

| Monday, March 14, 2016 - 13:04
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Honour killing in Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore: In another case of brutal honour killing, a 21-year-old boy was hacked to death in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on Monday by the upper-caste family of a girl who had eloped and married him eight months ago. 
The incident took place in broad daylight as five assiliants attacked the couple with sickles and machetes in full public view. 
However, no one came to the rescue of the couple. The boy succumbed to his injuries while his wife is hospitalised and is said to be in critical condition.
According to sources, the couple had eloped to get married in August 2015. The girl's family was against the marriage as the family belongs to upper caste Devar commiunity while the boy was from lower caste .
Police have launched a manhunt to nab the attackers and are expected to made arrests soon based on the identity provided by survivor of the incident. 

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Man Brutally murdered in Tamil Nadu

Its unadulterated "Brutality". But, what's the point in medias questioning the CM and /or any administrators ?? Your reducing this incident as "lack od law & order in Tamil Nadu" and your reporter concurring with an emphatic "Absolutely" is ridiculous. Also your reporter says "boy belong to Scheduled caste (SC)" and your heading distracts it "Dalit Boy". Please try to learn that Dalit is NOT the only caste in SC and there are others also. Whether the boy is Dalit or pundit, a murder is a murder and a life is LOST. So, STOP hyping a murder with caste. Also, be rest assured-- these sort of division by caste will exist for next 100 yrs, until Congress and Communists, even "Justify" anti-national activities, bringing caste in it.

Man brutally Murdered

Why does media "politicize" from stomach ache to murder ?? Whether deceased person is a Dalit or Pandit, its a murder and a life is lost. Murders have been occurring and will occur, on cast related matters, at least for next 50 yrs, until politicians & medias STOP bringing caste in to any and every incidents and as well political parties, especially, thanks to Congress and UPA constituents, for ensuring people do NOT get educated to protect their "Vote Bank" . Even on last Sunday, a 2nd murder of a Hindu-- Raju, allegedly have been committed by fanatic Muslims in Karnataka-- a Congress ruled state and Kusboos & Nagmas of Congress will NOT talk about these murders, but will lecture on murder in Tamil Nadu. If media want to educate and /or eradicate caste murders, FIRST STOP "classifying any crime by castes". Even on this incident occurred in Tamil Nadu, call elders from side of murderers and deceased, at least you would have a chance of getting to know anger & anguish from both sides and may pave way to reduce, i repeat reduce such murders in future. Calling Kusboo & Kanchaiah ONLY adds to problem, than an opportunity to get solution to problem.

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