CBSE Class 12 maths paper: Smriti Irani assures of remedial steps

| Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 15:40
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Class 12 maths exam: Irani assures action

Class 12 maths exam: Irani assures action | Photo Credit: IANS

New Delhi: Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) minister Smriti Irani on Thursday assured of taking remedial steps before evaluation of Class 12 mathematics paper. The CBSE Class 12 mathematics exam was held on March 14.
Students and teachers alike had complained that the exam was extremely tough and lengthy. The HRD ministry will be sharing the feedback received from various stakeholders including students, teachers and examiners with the committee of subject matter experts.

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Mathematics is often a dreaded subject for Indian students owing to a pattern of exams which is tougher than most of the other countries. Many students commit suicide in India every year after flunking this paper.

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This year maths paperbis very tough ..


The paper was actually tough

Cbse 12th Accountancy paper

Today's Accountany paper was quite difficult and lengthy for us students as you are aware about maths paper also . So, please provide us leleint checking so that we will able to score at least good marks... But I want to convey a message to you that, this is a kind of discrimination , because at once there would be easy paper and then next year it becomes difficult ... CBSE have to provide a normal paper set for us . In 2015 there was easy paper of accountancy but during this year i.e 2016 it becomes difficult . 12th class is very precious for our future . So, please take action related to difficult set of paper ....

Maths paper

Same was with us . We were also having same problem . Maths paper was extremely tough . We were not able to score good marks ,while our friends in state boards were dancing with Joy


with regards as the accountancy paper was quite tuff and lenthy ,it becomes difficult for us to attempt all the questions as it was tuff . so its my hardly request to you that please check our paper linenly ,as it is for the sake of our future .plzzz plzzz

Maths very hard and lengthy

The maths paper was very hard and lengthy :(


Today's Accountany paper was quite difficult and lengthy for us students... Each and every creates fear . Pls adopt liberal corrections we are requesting... We done upto our maximum


Accounancy paper was so easy but it takes Too much time. It is very difficult to understand and complete the whole paper on time. I. e 3 hrs. It is impossible to complete the whole question on 3 hrs. So please take action related to difficult paper. So I request you for the next time The question was balance for 3 hours . So student was complete the whole question on time (economic ) Plz check action regarding to those teacher who set the question paper because it damage life of many children . The account teacher was mad Thank you mam Smiriti irani (HAD minister Please take action regarding the teacher who set the question paper in accountancy

maths exam

Cbse is always roaring that no books other than ncert will be entertained in schools...then why they are setting questions outside ncert and ruining the lifes of students...this is not only this year case last year it was the same situation.....people who are setting such type of question paper must be punished .....


Most of question in Ajmer region maths is very high order thinking that's why average student unable to get good marks

Accontancy paper was too lenghty.

Accountancy paper was too lenghty , because of that many question are missed. So please provide a good checking of paper that we can score atleast good marks.

maths paper 2016

Cbse is considered as board of students....they always work for welfare of students then why .....they setted such a lengthy question paper of maths?plzz retake exam plzzz

12th maths paper 2016

Respected madam, The 12th class maths paper held on 14 march 2016 was very lengthy and difficult. They were exceptionally lengthy according to their marks. Majority of the questions were not of ncert level. To complete the paper within the allotted 3 hours was impossible. many questions were unseen which consumed most of our time. No hint in the change of pattern was witnessed in the sample papers of 2016. A re-exam will be better than just giving grace marks as grace marks will not profit us that much. we, the students, will be most grateful if the re-exam is considered. thanking you sincerely Sruthi

2016 accountancy paper

The paper was too lenghty..!!! Students were left in tears.. As after maths this was only a backbone to us.. But that also broke...!! Al most all students left paper..!! Many of 15-25 marks...!!! We are commerce group so our plide won't be taken so seriously..!!!! Right??? We want a corrective action towards this matter from CBSE..!! News X plz help us raise our voice...!!!



Cbse maths paper

The maths paper was tough and lengthy . Kids spend a lot of time in section c and did not have sufficient time for other sections. The students are already under a lot of pressure and stress and this added on the stress more so even good students could not attempt a few questions so please take a sympathetic view and do lenient checking and award grace marks as kids were too much under pressure . Please it is their future at stake . They are the future a engineers , teachers, CA, accountants civil servants of India so please help them achieve their career goals by being just in the marking. Grace marks should be given to attribute to the time lost in tension stress and length of paper or else best option if possible is taking a re exam .


The paper was very tough and it was very langthy

toughest maths paper ever

when i saw paper i thought i will secure minimum 40 marks but when i started to solve it, lengthy and tricky question ruined my memory and i forgot all formulas..before watching the paper i was confidence that i eill get 80+ but cbse ruined and shattered my dreams.....

CBSE 2016 maths board exam

The exam was tough and lengthy.also ,there was a report that the questions were leaked and sold before exam day.I request CBSE to reconduct the exam .liberal evaluation won't do good.I expect to score above 95 for exam,but now worried if I could get above exam is to check what and how much the student knows about a subject ,and is not to check what a student doesn't know.this exam is a boon for state syllabus students as they would secure high ranks in engineering entrance examination.

Maths exam

The exam was really tough and lengthy. The main reason bcoz of which we were not able to crack the exam was the length of exam. It was tooo lenthy for 3 hrs. So its our request to take remedual steps as early as u can...!!!! Thank you


The main problem i believe, with the math paper was that it was lengthy. Many people who knew the answers to questions got panicky and messed up. so did i. I do believe that grace marks should be given. After math however, Accountancy was our only hope. That too ended up being so lengthy. I have friends who have left 15 - 20 marks. There should be an action against that too. AS we have only prepared according to the sample papers sent to us by CBSE. If they would have sent another format, we would have prepared accordingly. So none of this is fair to us as we have put in our hardwork throughout the year.

CBSE XII Maths exam

This exam was very tough for the children of my daughter's age.The alloted 3hrs.was not enough to complete this question paper.Afraid if they lose the mark on this subject children they will struggle a lot to get admission for engineering compäred to kerala state students.

tough maths and lenthy accountancy paper

Maths paper was very tough and so lenthy......accountancy paper was easy but again it was not for a 3 hour exam ....cbse should give grace marks in maths and lenient checking in accounts ....this is for our future...plz take effective that our overall percentage does not suffer


Dear mam ...the exam was too tough and lengthy ...most of the questions were left by me ....I don't think grace will make our future I request u mam plzz arrange re-examination ...I am so much disappointed with my maths exam.I hope mam u will think in this matter ...and the students will get good news ......thank u

Maths paper 2016

The person who had set the paper, had he gone through NCERT throughout his life? Too tough paper this year u hav just changed the whole pattern of paper .once u hav set the paper then u should recheck it to ensure that whether each and every student could attempt atleast 30% of the paper. This is class 12 board exams it is a serious matter ,we have to take this marks in every step of our life.This is not a joke ok. We are depended on this marks to get admission in some reputed college . Now what we gonna do? Please cbse take some appropriate action this is the question of our future....Hope u people will definately take some action which favour we students , we should definately get justice.......... Thank you


Actually and Honestly accounts paper of 2016 was easy but so lengthy that creates so much of hustle and bustle at the time of completion of paper.Obviously it was tough to manage to complete 24 questions with its full completion and presentation.So it has now became an appeal from all students to mark the papers well so that no disappointment will roamed out over the faces of 12th students.

CBSE 12th Accountancy/Tough & Lengthy.

Request to HRD Ministry. My daughter was virtually weeping for all the hard work has gone waste as the Accountancy paper was not only tough but lengthy. I think extra half n hour should have been given for such lengthy paper. I am not sure if Speed is checked like in type writer examination/shorthand exam or students competence. HRD should instruct CBSE to be student oriented and also ensure they are atleast pleased with good grace marks. Half n hour extra would have allowed them to score addtional 10 to 15 marks which should be given as grace as I am sure most of the students including my daughter lost not on account of not knowing but lack of time.

Chemistry and Mathematices

Mam mathes and chemistry paper of all india was too hard :(


please please provide grace marks in account paper for our good future

dreadful math paper

I would like to request cbse on providing grace marks to all students.Atleast for attending the questions,we should be given full marks. Majority of the students could not even attend most of the questions Cbse should be considerate towards the needs of students


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