Karnataka cancels exam as question paper leaked

| Monday, March 21, 2016 - 21:55
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Students exam hall

Education department cancelled the chemistry exam as its question paper was leaked | Photo: IANS

Bengaluru: In a shock to thousands of second year pre-university course (equivalent to class 12) students across Karnataka, the higher education department cancelled the chemistry exam held on Monday as its question paper was leaked.

"We cancelled the second PU chemistry exam conducted earlier in the day after we learnt that its question paper was leaked in some cities and towns," PU department director Pallavi Akruthi told IANS here.

Around 1.74 lakh students took the science subject exam though a majority of them were unaware that their question paper in English and Kannada was leaked at some centres and got circulated to other centres by noon.

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"We will announce the re-examination date in due course, as we have ordered an inquiry into the paper leak to trace the culprits and book them," Akruthi said.

Preliminary inquiry revealed that the paper was leaked near an exam centre in a women's college at Ballari, about 330km from Bengaluru, and at a state-run college at Malur in Kolar district, 50km from here.

"We have suspended chief superintendents and their deputies at both the exam centres pending inquiry. By the time we could collect the details, the exam got over by afternoon," Akruthi added.

The PUC exams in the state, equivalent to second year intermediate course or 12th class in central schools began on March 11 across the state, with 6.5 lakh students appearing in this academic year.

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Respected officers nd professors, please don't make the next re-exam paper too much difficult as like maths exam...because the mistake done by few people should not harm the whole student community of 2nd PU.... - Yours faithfully Me.


Respected sir/madam please app chemestry paper ki re exam na le agar lenahi hi chahte ho to jaha pe paper leak hua hai us center par utanahi le kyu ki mistek kon toh 4-5 student karte hai aur bhogna hum sub student ko padata hai agar app all karnatak bhar re exam lena chahte ho to question paper regular ki tarah nikale jada tough nahi (like mathr paper) kisi ke mistek ke liye sare students ka nuksan mat karo please i am requesting you madam/sir


We dont need re examination

Te exam

Yes.. No need for 're exam

chemistry re-exam

we dont want re-exam plz government for karnataka.....this is based on our life plz......we wrote the exam on our own.


what u people have thought about yourself u can change anything if like and how dare u to say us to write this reexam u have made the mistake and why should we suffer for that and that director pallavi is such a human who is fear to talk in front of the media and she declares the reexam first of all she is not fit for the post and she must resign it and if they keep the elreexam means we are not going to write it and many students will get suicide for this and for this the board is the cause and responsible

Chemistry Paper leak

The PU director seems to be going easy on this issue. If paper leak was limited to few colleges, why should the entire population suffer? She does not realize the amount of stress and pain that the child and parents go through. What is she doing to maintain the integrity of her own department before putting the entire student population into trouble? She spoke casually about students preparedness when they complained about the toughness of mathematics question paper.


no one should speak about ...the hardwork ...if the students . 1year ...whole syllabus we will write in 3hours ..so ....chemistry exam written by us in 3hours is also ... very crucial ...hence ...we have written promptly . we don't need re exam

Karnatka PU Board chemistry paper leak

The casual ness of the pu board authority is deplorable. If they want to order retest, let them do for the centers where the question papers are leaked, not every where.


please dnt..play the ..game ...as second PUC. is crucial ..point. to us ... we have done hardwork behind every exam . please catch hold them take a right ..decision .save the. lives of students

Te exam

It's unfair that the 're exam is going to cause restlessness as some students are appearing for language exam tomorrow.the children who have put in their efforts and hard work are at great loss.action should be taken against culprits....not on the entire students who have done well.This is very ridiculous....No need for 're exam....


Please don't conduct re exam of chemistry... The entire. Population of students will suffer because of it. Why should we write re exam because of some people's mistake... Please reconsider your decision mam..!!

please dont punish innocent students

i have worked hard for many days just to get good marks in chemistry examination so please donot conduct re test and trouble us during 2nd puc examination please do not conduct re test

Request to cancel re examination

Plzzz don't make re exams as we are tired of writing once.... If you really gonna conduct then give some time to read for exams...

PUC 2 paper leaks

This is absolutely ridiculous. what do u expect the children to do?? prepare once again for the re-exam or concentrate on JEE Mains which is on 03/04 & 04/04 & the CET which is not even a month away. That too coz of the callousness of the Security system in place for the safety of the question papers. Firstly the Maths paper was extremely tough & now this debacle!!!


Pls don't play with our life We have studied very hard and with full stress so pls don't do the re exam U just mak some solution and fix the problems BT pls its an humble request that don't do the re exam

No need of chemistry re exam

Why should the students suffer for the mistake done by pu board??? Instead of rectifying their own flaws the pu board is blaming the students.the pu board again proved its inability.Instead of conducting exams for pu students they should conduct exams for nursery or primary students.It will be very beneficial for the life of students and future of India.

requesting no to conduct reexam in all districts

As the paper has not been leaked in all parts of state and whereas it has been leaked only in few districts of the state ,so for this reason reexam should be conducted only at those districts where paper has been leaked and not at all districts and also the students will not have the same interest of writing exam as they had before,so please do the same.Its the matter of whole life of students.


Pls dont keep re exams because thats 2puc students life

Chuthiya education system..

Chuthiya education system.. cz of few bustards everyone should suffer.. Mada Chod Pallavi announced re exam

No RE-EXAM please we cant

No RE-EXAM please we cant read it again .. Now its time we prepare for CET if therz re-exam will have very little time to prepare for cet..or else extend the dates for cet and comedk..after so much off stess and difficulty on MATHS paper we can't take it anymore.....

Nothing but the bloody truth.

OK. Well, I wrote all questions in 3 hours and it took a hell lot out of me to complete the paper. Three hours of careful step- wise structuring of an answer paper to convince the teacher who evaluates it that you are capable of a centum is no joke... And little do MUGS like you, sitting all day(some careless, some daydreaming and some corrupt whipped assholes) helping the leak and coming out the next say, apologizing, understand all this... For after all, the only reason for your Government job is that most of you IRONICALLY though have failed your class 12.. Pathetic loons.... And the system in India continues.. And poor me...- I'll have to live with all this.

re exam

this not class test ya preptory exam dat ul conduct a re.exam v hve worked hard for this exam and bcoz of 50 out of 1.5 lacks got paper ur conducting re.exam... wow .... jaago graahat jaago.... kya ho gaya hai government ko....

plzz do re exam for maths too

plzz do re exam for maths too

Ya they should

Ya they should


Please don't keep re exam we have suffered a lot to study . For someone's mistake u can't punish the whole 6.5 lakh students. Please don't play with the students life . When we asked justice for maths paper u didn't take any action favouring us but now for chemistry u r keeping re exam is not good . As u said u care for the children's future by doing this ur not keeping ur word. Before taking any decision please think of the students please..........

Regarding re-exam

I'm totally against this re-exam stuff.why the entire 2puc of the state has to suffer for the mistake which others had done? We've been looking forward for this exam to get over. But now when it's done they want us to write the exam again.so unfair. Do take this comment for consideration .

Chemistry reexam

Plz don do this .......daily we r sitting over night n studing we have completely involved in studies but how many days you want us to sit overnight and study wat about our health chemistry being a big syllabus even 3days r not enough so please try n understand if u really want a reexam then plz provide us sufficient time bcoz Kannada paper is on 28 th so exam should be not so early n if there is really a reexam for chemistry then it should also be for maths with postponed date of CET exams plz work on students favour.............


Oooops...!! BAD LUCK... is this what we deserve even after a whole year's hardwork...?pu board please understand we are HUMANS.. please cancel the re exam or let the next paper too be easy as well... this request is to save students life.... plese dont play with it...

chemistry paper leak

is the Karnataka pu board playing game with students? this 2 and year is the main crucial time for the students and they are taking re exam. and in maths paper also they did the same 31 marks was out of ncert and they are saying no grace marks. what is this


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