Mumbai: One call from Brussels disrupted the happy and normal ongoing routine of Chaphekars’, who reside in Andheri, Mumbai.
Brussels, which witnessed major explosions on Tuesday, one at the airport and the other at a metro station, saw the loss of a number of lives. Many more were injured and one of those injured is an Indian, Nidhi Chaphekar, aged 41, a Jet Airways inflight manager, who had flown to Brussels a day ago. 
Chaphekars prayed about Nidhi’s safety with bated breath.  Much to their dismay, information came that Nidhi had been admitted to a hospital in Antwerp. Anxious, all they want is now to hear the voice of their beloved Nidhi once again and get her back on Indian soil at the earliest.
The biggest victim of this ordeal is the eleven-year old little daughter of Nidhi who kept on asking if there was any news of her ‘mumma’. Our wishes are with the Chaphekar family and hope Nidhi recovers soon and reunites with her family.