An ugly brawl was caught on camera today as CCTV footage in a club in Gurgaon caught club patrons being brutally beaten up by bouncers.

The incident that was caught on the CCTV footage in question took place on Thursday on the 17th of March at a Gurgaon shopping mall called the JMD Regent Arcade. It was when a club-goer entered the Ion Club and Dining Lounge that the club bouncers are seen pouncing on him in the footage and beating him up.

The scuffle allegedly broke out due to misbehaviour on part of the patrons. While some patrons were misbehaving inside the club, other did so having been denied entry into the club. The fight broke out soon after they refused to leave after being asked to by the bouncers.

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Both sides are blaming the other, with the victims claiming that there was no provocation towards the bouncers on their part.

While no arrests have been made yet, complaints have been filed and police investigation of the matter is underway.