Shocking tale of brutality in ‪‪Perumbavoor‬‬, Kerala — Another Nirbhaya?

| Friday, May 6, 2016 - 14:01
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Shocking tale of brutality in ‪‪Perumbavoor‬‬, Kerala — Another Nirbhaya?

Shocking tale of brutality in Perumbavoor‬‬, Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: The post-mortem report of a law student at Perumbavoor in Ernakulam district of Kerala has confirmed that she was brutally and sexually assaulted before she died. 
The Perumbavoor‬‬ victim was a 30-year-old woman who lived with her mother at Iravichira in Rayamangalam panchayat in Ernakulam last Thursday. She was found dead in her home on Friday night after her mother returned home from work. 
As per reports, the victim was beaten savagely and her intestines were pulled out using a sharp weapon. More than 30 injuries were found on her body. As per the autopsy report, two sides of her chest were pierced to almost two inches deep using a sharp knife. She was also struck in the genitals with an iron rod. A severe injury on her head is cited as the main reason of her death.
This incident gives a chilling echo to the heinous Nirbhaya gang-rape of New Delhi that rocked the nation in December 2012. 
Ernakulam rural SP, Yathish Chandra GH said, "It is a case of a very violent murder. Though the post-mortem report suggests chances of sexual assault or rape, we are waiting for a few laboratory results to confirm the same."
Even after 4 days of the murder the accused in the murder case is untraceable. Ahead of the Kerala polls the incident has attracted a lot of political attention. 

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Are they human being. ?

Are they human being. ?

Yes of course these incidents

Yes of course these incidents left us speechless by squeezing our hearts. Are we going to remain speechless or going to do anything beyond that? Nature give us a chance show our feelings and change the Indian law system. He shouldn't vote until we get answers for these issues. We don't want to lose another nirbaya or Jisha or unleashed stories from rural areas. We should show our resistance against our reservations idiotic democracy. There are many areas must be improve and without that can't expect any changes. Instead of changes we can only expect only mental health issues persons in every family. It's really heart breaking


Who spoil in her life, We should cut his genitals and kill him in public place like Arab countries treatment. Be a lesson of his death to others.

There is no word to describe

Those who are found guilty should be taught a lesson to death in public, so that no one should ever think of repeating these kind of incidents in future.

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