Gajendra Singh’s Death: Farmer suicide was AAP drama which turned into tragedy, says RSS

| Monday, April 27, 2015 - 11:55
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Farmer suicide was AAP drama which turned into tragedy, says RSS

NEW DELHI: Amid the massive controversy over the shocking death of farmer Gajendra Singh who committed suicide last week in full public view during a Aam Aadmi Party’s rally in the national capital, the RSS has escalated the war alleging that Singh’s suicide was a ‘drama’ enacted by AAP that turned into a ‘tragedy’ and advised the party to take right lessons from the incident.

The RSS mouthpiece, ‘Organiser’ hits out at the AAP tagging its recent ‘Kisan rally’ as one that touched the ‘lowest level’ of politics and stated that such ‘dirty politics’ should be removed.  

Slamming the AAP’s tag of ‘party with a difference’, the editorial in ‘Organiser’ argues that AAP has added an entertainment value to the Indian politics that is only one of its kind and has gone to the extent of staging a drama in the name of farmer’s suicide.

“The kind of entertainment value AAP has added to Indian politics is again unique. With 24X7 media glare, the anarchist formation used every space to catch attention. Some dramatics, either in the form of sloganeering or leadership gimmicks are always used in electoral politics.

From ‘Garibi Hatao’ to ‘Acche Din’ are catchy words that touch the cords of common voters. But what AAP has done in the name of farmers’ rally is touching lowest level of politics.

In another attempt of embarrassing the Centre, AAP tried to create a drama which turned out to be a tragedy,” it said.

The editorial further stated that “for catching the public attention through media, instigating some supposed to be farmer to enact a suicide attempt and the person actually losing his life is dirty politics, which should be discarded outright.”

Aiming at farmer Gajendra Singh’s suicide that shocked the nation, the editorial then goes on to question the origin of AAP and asks, “Is AAP really a party with a difference”?

“The script, drama and presentation of this loose political formation are proving to be sensational but foreign to be part of India's democratic culture,” the piece said.

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well said

Cannot agree more with the RSS editorial. the only people who have gained substantially by AAP advent are the English news channels... These apparent question has been raised by not by this media which would have screamed murder if not for their benefactor's involvement.

Feasible and permanent solutions for farmer's problems

The reasons for farmer's sufferings are (1) Inflation due to the enhanced living standards, Globalization and bad policies during the last 15 years (2) Farmers are easily attracted towards bank loans in solving the economic crisis (3) Shift from joint family to nuclear families. The individual farmers are loosing direction. Remember that the cattles that are separated from the herd are always at risk. As a solution we must “consider not only what is desirable but also what is feasible” (1) Give proper direction to farmers on various social issues (2) Start group farming through registered co-operative societies. All government financial assistance should be distributed through these societies only (3) Agricultural Bank loans should not be given for individual farmers. This should be given only for the farmer's societies

AAP-Anatchists for sure

AAP has proved yet again that the party can to any extent to garner votes and malign BJP/Congress. It has become a bunch of opportunists who are bent on destroying India' s growth.

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