Rajasthan: The ‘Mandakini Kund of Gautameshwar Mahadev Paapmochan Teertha’, a Shiva temple in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan, is offering a ‘paap-mukti’ certificate for Rs 11 to anyone who takes a dip in its waters and pays Rs 11. The temple issues a certificate that qualifies them as free from all sins.

According to a report in a newspaper, the temple offers a ‘paapmukti’ certificate to devotees at a cost of Rupees 11. Rs. 10 is charged for ‘dosh-nivaran’ (removal of obstacles) and Rupee 1 is for the certificate.
“People ostracized in their villages come here to take a dip and go back with ‘paap-mukti’ certificates,” priest Nandkishore Sharma told The Times of India.
The temple claims that it has a record of all those who bathed in the Mandakini Kund and got certified. The number of visitors has increased in recent years. However, very few people seek certificates these days.