Tanmay Bhat wants cash for insult, asks Snapchat to pay him after video goes viral

| Monday, May 30, 2016 - 14:37
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Tanmay Bhat has now demanded money from social media app Snapchat

New Delhi: After the furore over the controversial ‘roast’ video and being slammed by MNS, AIB comedian Tanmay Bhat has now demanded money from social media app Snapchat.
Earlier on Monday, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) filed an FIR against the comedian over his insult of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar.
"Tomorrow morning, I am going to visit Shivaji Park police station and file FIR against Bhatt," 'MNS Chitrapat Sena' president Ameya Khopkar had said on Sunday. 

Tanmay shared a video on his official Facebook page titled, “Sachin vs Lata Civil War (I make such nonsense on my Snapchat - follow me there - ID: Thetanmay) (Also I obviously love Lata and Sachin, just having some fun).”

In the video, he is seen making fun of Lata and Sachin by cracking offending  jokes on them using face swap filter on Snapchat.

These are a few lines used in the video that received a lot of criticism and negative responses from the fans of the comedian and the celebrities he defaced:

“Phuck Virat. No, I’m very respectful for Virat. He is very good with bat and ladies.”

“Lata tai namaskar. Very respectfully I’d like to add that you are 5000 years old.”

“Your (Lata) face looks like someone has kept you in water for eight days.”

“Just look at you. Jon Snow also died, so you (Lata) should also die.”


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Tammy bhakt is garbage

Tammy bhakt is garbage

Online abuse

This online abuse should be stopped and Tanmay Bhatt needs to be arrested immediately as to any other comedians can come ahead and in the garb of comedy can abuse our celebrities ...An arrest needed.

he did the publicity stunt..n soon he will pay fr this

Now a days few so called dudes do such things but that time they keeps their head in their a**. Who the hell they are to talk like this. If u really think that much cool dude u r...then plz dude show ur face to public we will pay u for this by our way...obviously u will get publicity ! u will definately get our sh[t mr.tanmybhat. Fu

Loosen up people

We need to loosen up. It may be distasteful, but not criminal. We make fun of politicians all the time... we should be able to take a joke, even if it's in poor taste. Call for arrest is outrageous and the case will not stand in court, but out police is known to bulge under pressure of politicians.

Tanmany went beyond the limit for publicity. You will pay.

He abused two living legendary, who won billions heart across the globe. For what Police and higher authorities are waiting? Immediate arrest this big fat A**. Block all his social networking sites/apps.

Intolerent people

Come on ppl, dont you have any sense of humour ?? He is just trying to be funny.. Stop giving these comedians such a hard tym....just chill out,

Their is this thing called: Freedom of Speech

His jokes are lame. He is not funny —he is 'funny' funny, though... but not 'funny' funny. He is like fat_and_ugly_and_all_that kind of funny but not omg_he_is_so_funny funny. I can say all that things about him because of the same thing he should be allowed to crack not-funny and mean jokes, and this thing is, as we all know it but don't bother abide by it, freedom of speech. Indians —specially bhakhts— hate this phrase so much but it's here and we're bound to respect it.

I have no idea what you wrote

I have no idea what you wrote there but it was very funny funny
Tanvir Khan's picture

their vs there

and there is this difference between 'there' and 'their' :P

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