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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a three-day visit to US, is addressing the joint session of the US Congress. He will be the 5th Indian leader to make a speech at US Congress and the first since 2005. The PM arrived in Washington on Monday and this is his fourth visit to US since he took power in 2014. 

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Here are the live updates:

PM Modi meets US Congress members after concluding his speech

* The Orchestra have sufficiently tuned their instruments, the baton has given the signal. And there is a new symphony in play: PM Modi

* The constraints of the past are behind us and foundations of the future are firmly in place: PM
* Those who believe in humanity must come together as one & speak against this menace in one voice. Terrorism must be delegitimized: PM Modi

*For us in India, to live in harmony with mother earth is a part of our ancient belief: PM Modi

* Those who believe in humanity must come together as one & speak against this menace in one voice. Terrorism must be delegitimized: PM Modi

I commend the members of U.S. Congress for sending a clear message to those who preach and practice terrorism for political gains: PM Modi

* A strong India-U.S. partnership can anchor peace, prosperity, and stability from Asia to Africa & from Indian Ocean to the Pacific: PM Modi

* India’s strong economy and growth rate of 7.6% per annum, is creating new opportunities for our mutual prosperity: PM

I see US as an indispensible partner. Many of you believe that a stronger & prosperous India is in America’s strategic interest: Modi

My dream is to economically empower our billion citizens through many social and economic transformations: PM

Our cooperation secures our cities and citizens from terrorists and protects our critical infrastructure from cyber threats: PM Modi

And, we have not yet claimed intellectual property right on Yoga: PM 

* SIRI tells us that India’s ancient heritage of Yoga has over 30 million practitioners in the U.S.: PM

You are well-known for your bipartisanship. I have also witnessed a similar spirit in Indian Parliament, especially in Upper House: PM Modi

Today, our relationship has overcome the hesitations of history. Comfort, candour, and convergence define our conversations: PM Modi

India will never forget the solidarity shown by U.S. Congress when terrorists from across our border attacked Mumbai in 2008: PM 

* You have stood by us in times of sorrow and we are grateful for this: Modi

* The genius of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was nurtured in the years he spent at the Columbia University a century ago: PM

* Modi says Gandhi’s non-violence inspired the heroism of Martin Luther King

* Today, India lives as one; India grows as one; India celebrates as one: PM

* Our founders created a modern nation with freedom, democracy, and equality as the essence of its soul: PM
* There were many who doubted India when, as a newly independent nation, we reposed our faith in democracy: PM Modi 
* India applauds the great sacrifices of the men & women from ‘The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ in service of mankind: PM Modi
* In granting me this opportunity, you have honoured the world’s largest democracy and its 1.25 billion people: PM
* This temple of democracy has encouraged & empowered other democracies the world over: PM
Two days ago, I began my visit by going to the final resting place of soldiers of this land: PM Modi
* The rituals of an old democratic tradition: PM Narendramodi is greeted by Members of Congressional Escort Committee
* Narendramodi will be the 5th Indian leader to make a speech in U.S. Cong since 1985
* Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan addresses Joint Session
* Narendra Modi meets the Congressional Leadership at Capitol Hill
* One of my most cherished memories is a statue of Gandhi gifted by a student named Modi: Senator Reid
* Washington DC: PM Modi meets Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan
* This is very important as PM is going to address US Congress,it will show his vision: Chandrashekhar,NASSCOM chief
* Washington DC: Kalpana Chawla’s family arrives at US Capitol, PM Modi to address US Congress shortly

First Published | 8 June 2016 8:57 PM
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