New Delhi: A textile company in Bhilwara region of Rajasthan had more than a few inches to stitch on Wednesday when the company received orders for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) new uniform.

The small textile company received orders to stitch 10 lakh new RSS uniforms. The textile company will be stitching Khaki trousers for the RSS instead of the thigh-cut shorts.

The change in the RSS uniform was brought about with the reason that the organisation wanted to follow the fashion trend so that more youths could be effectively recruited.

The first change in the RSS’s uniform was brought about in 1939, when the Khaki shirt was replaced with white shirt. Hegdewar was the sangh chief back then.

The second change was made in 1973 when heavy boots were replaced with normal ones, while the third change was made in 2010 when leather belt was replaced with a belt made of cloth.