Accused Ramkumar denies involvement in Infosys techie Swathi’s murder

| Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 12:21
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New Delhi: Techie Swathi’s murder accused Ramkumar in a shocking revelation has said that he has not murdered the Infosys techie and is being falsely trapped into the case.

Chennai techie Swathi murder accused Ramkumar in his bail plea has said that he has nothing to do with the murder of Swathi and he is innocent. I am being framed because I am from a poor family and low background.

Ramkumar was arrested on Friday night by a special team of police.

When the police surrounded him at his house in Shencottai Minatchipuram village, Ramkumar tried to slit his throat and was admitted to Tirunelveli government hospital.

Ramkumar was taken to Chennai from Tirunelveli in an ambulance after doctors gave him the permission to travel.

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Swathi murder

This Gentle man Ramkumar could be a total stranger to Swathi. The police who traced each and every call on Swathi's number never found a single call or missed call from Ram's number. There is no chat record or friend request or messaging evidence in facebook or whatsup. May be he never even knew there a person swathi existed . The electronic evidence will prove his innocence , the meta data from his mobile phone roaming , where he was on the day "some one " slapped , the day someone followed her to work will further prove this poor boys innocence. And all these electronic evidences are collectable , verifiable and can produced to court.( But even if there is a missed call or a facebook request by him to swathi, or a visit to her work place will prove he is the culprit and deserves the most heinous punishment). Swathi is not that cheap to give her residential address to a stranger met in facebook so that he can move near her house or her phone number to someone she met on the street. She is from a well cultred family convent educated and knows what is pity, charity, kindness, love, romance and Eve teasing

Right said

Diplomatic and well said! If Ramkumar knew Swathi on Facebook, definitely the evidence would have been revealed. I believe an educated girl like Swathi will not chat with a total stranger on Facebook to an extent that it lead the guy to trace her location and stalk her in person. There seems to be some missing links.

Absolutely right

U have given a correct explanation. There are few things which is hidden. Either someone has used ramkumar for killing or the guy who slapped swathi must have done it. First of all how could someone come to a conclusion that it is ramkumar, based on CCTV footage. Moreover the image is not clear. Y police failed to produce the guy or find the guy who slapped swathi a week before. There is a photo circulating in WhatsApp and YouTube that ramkumar and swathi were together but the guy in that photo doesn't resemble like ramkumar.

Very true sir ..that guy And

Very true sir ..that guy And the girl does not seem like Ramkumar and swati

Y would the lawyer support

Y would the lawyer support the poor guy.... Wat will he gain money .????? Just think there's something which is not clear and if he killed her y would he..... Wat he would have thought that he will never be punished...... Guys only with the help of CCTV how can they come to a conclusion.... First of all the story inside is completely different... Which I think will never be revealed...

Comment on this article

How ridiculous! Lawyers are making mockery of our system. Such lawyers should be suspended from law practise. That guy should be punished. Suppose if the same thing had happened to that lawyers daughter,will he still file bail petition? It will strengthen the attitude of other guys who are from poor and low background to butcher any girl in india. Police should submit their evidence and ram kumar should be hanged.

U turn

As if there are no other poor people in TN, the TN police went all the way to Meenakshipuram to settle their score with this prominent poor person of TN!! And he slit his throat for the heck of it!

Police simply did not got to

Police simply did not got to mennakshipuram to find the poor guy and arrest him ..they went basis on the information given by the watchman of mansion where Ramkumar stayed at the time when cops released the CCTV images

Ramkumar U turn

Actually Ramkumar just went to Nungambakkam station at 6.30 am for a piss . After reaching station at 6.30 he realised he left his purse at home . so he jumped from platform 2 to platform 3 scaled a wall etc just for fun . while moving he accidentally brushed against swathi and got blood on his shirt . The sickle used to murder belonged to his uncle yes but he had actually cut a goat with it and dropped it on tracks by mistake . He washed the blood off the shirt not to hide snything but because he loved that shirt . He ran away to thirunelveli the same day becsuse he forgot some notes there . He collected newspsper reports of the case just out of interest . nothing more .His father alerted him to hide when police appdoached because he thought they were thieves . He tried to slit his neck because he wanted to shave before appearing before the thieves..... and so on and so is just a toy and you can play with it as you please... and even if it is proven ramkumar used the sickle he will say i just wanted to put a scar on her face to spoil it...but accidentally it fell on the neck...what to do...i am innocent as a child... lets first hang the lawyer who wants to defend ramkumar . that lawyer should be hanged first..

Ramkumar shit

Well said.

Need more investigation

He might be the murderer and let the blood samples on the sickle vs shirt will do the rest. Who is that Surya Prakash [who introduced him to swathi], the name uttered by ramkumar on his initial investigation.

Through Investigation - No coverup please

Deceased could well have wronged someone feelings and accused Ramkumar could well be a contract killer. His interaction with the deceased in that case would be well orchestrated drama to justifying the motive to kill. In this country we call people all kind of names to give some sample monkey, pig, dog buffalo, donkey I don't think slot bear to be much different and such silly excuse to kill someone is ridicules. The family is scared of its reputation, Public want quick justice, Ruling Politicians want case to go away, Opposition want to haunt the government, Police what the case closed. Courts wants this case dismissed. The killer left the blood stained shirt at the Manson. doesn't seems to be very sensible thing to do. Taking the deceased phone along with him after the crime is crazy again if he is thinking of escaping... To kill someone ruthless in public require real nerve and lack of any conscience, some times some previous experience, which we don't associate with normal people.

Swathi Murder, so many unanswered questions.

This case is more like a sieve than a sheet. Ramkumar looks like a scapegoat police caught to close the case than solve it. So many reports are coming and most of them seems to be half truths and half imagination of the reporter. The general consensus among all reporters and police is that Ramkumar is a rejected lover and that he killed Swathi as vengeance for insulting him in public about his bad looks. But Swathi's friends have not told of this but only that someone is stalking her but did not have any encounter with her. If she has told of a stalker to her intimate friends she will normally would have told of this pest Ramkumar to some of her close friends. It seems she had not. There was nothing to hide if someone was pestering her. In fact she would have even asked her friends to accost him. But in case of a silent stalker it is not easy for someone to deal with effectively as there is no solid proof that he is following her. He could have been following someone else or just happened to be at the same place where she was. Not so with someone who had made a marriage proposal. Again a rejected lover will not go to the extreme of killing his lady love. He will sulk only. But here it is claimed that she ridiculed him about his looks in front of others and so he got furious to that extent that he wanted to kill her. Will such a fury last for a month or more. Normally it will go on diminishing. By a month or so it will not be that strong to kill her. Again if he was angry due to her telling him about his looks he will be more interested in disfiguring her and not kill her. He will want her to live long and suffer the disfigurement. He could have got acid and thrown at her face. Or he may get a knife and slash her. To get a bottle of acid or a knife is much more easy than getting an 'aruvaal'. Also he would want to attack her from the front rather than from back. To attack someone from the front, an aruvaal is the worst weapon. It is a semi circular knife with the sharp edge inside the curve. When you want to slash someone an aruvaal is the last option. A knife or a machete is the best choice. But you can make a cut on the back of the neck and cut the carotid arteries which supplies blood to the brain Death is sure and more or less instantaneous. Here the assailant has sneaked from back and sliced her throat because a throat cannot be cut from front with an aruvaal. Only a knife can do that. There are two contradictory versions of the encounter between the girl and her assailant. One version says there was some argument between the two and then the assailant pulled the aruvaal from his back and slashed her face and neck which as I told is difficult. But if there was some heated argument it would have attracted those on the platform. A killer will never want to attract attention of onlookers. So it has to be wrong. So the killer approached from back and sliced her throat which a rejected lover is most unlikely to do. He will want his last minute of glory when his lady love see his face when he kills her which he can cherish till the end of his life. One college lecturer Tamilarasan has reported that he saw the murder and two people tried to follow the killer who ran across the tracks even though a train was approaching and climbed the opposite platform and escaped. Those following him could not catch him. Probably the approaching train blocked their progress. In video which was in news in one place one person in black dress could be seen running across the platform. Next shot showed a check shirted man walking leisurely on the road. The check shirted man was as per news Ramkumar. But his gait never indicated that he is killer running away from the scene of crime. Curiously there is another video of someone riding a bike. And that is also supposed to be Ramkumar. The wound on the throat of Ramkumar. Police claim that it was a self inflicted wound with a blade. It was supposed to be made with a blade which is to be assumed to be a razer blade. One inflicting a wound on the throat himself in a hurry, as it was inflicted when the police surrounded the house cannot be very deep to cut the throat (windpipe) deep and long. It required some 18 stitches or so. Also it will not be a precision cut like one made by a surgeon. But the wound shown in papers looks more like surgeon's cut. Self inflicted one with a right hand has to slope down from left to right. A razor blade can cut your arteries in the wrist and can bleed to death. And the bloodstained shirt. If it was a shirt he had worn when he committed the murder will he not take it home and destroyed when he went there. Will he leave it for anyone to find it out.

Lurking danger to the society

Here every one seems to be a detective and criminologist. One side a woman was murdered in broad day light in front of public and on the other side he escaped after committing the crime as easy as butchering a goat. One can understand why the bystanders did not come forward which is because of Police enquiry and subsequent personal problems. When a girl is murdered or raped the society in general try to accuse her of bad character and in both the cases the criminal escapes and the victim undergoes character assassination. Incidentally if the criminal is caught then comes the cast spirit and political angles, political support etc.etc. What our country needs is severe punishment is exemplary punishment without any trial or delay. This will deter any one in committing such heinous crimes and make one think twice before committing such acts. We have been witnessing incidents like Delhi rape where a minor criminal had been set free and the human rightists made so much hue and cry. They never thought how much pain that girl had under gone when an iron rod was inserted into her vagina. In the present case the dead person is unconcerned about her character assassination, or catching the criminal, or the castisist dimensions, or the political colour etc etc since she is already dead but the unrecogonised fact that the society should know is that such criminals are at large and such threats will be lurking behind each and every person in the society and will happen undeterred.

murder of swati

from the gaping hole that the murderer made on the neck of swati it follows that the shirt and pants of the murder must have turned red with blood stains,so how did he walk out of the station without any body getting shocked to see that.THen did the police properly question the dad and mum of the girl.Did they question the close friends of the girl.Again,if the girl had informed her parents about the stalker then why did they take it seriously.Especially agirl who is in the marriage list.

quite inteesting

Even after witnessing the gruesome murder or seeing some body beheading her in broad day light in front of the public no one came forward to tell the police or identify the person even if some of them had seen. It is because that people do not want to frequent the police station . Is it not interesting? Now just some body followed if any parents will go to the police and say some one is following my daughter? or whether the police will take it seriously. In such case how many such cases the police has to follow up. The police will have time only to follow up such petty case. If the parents had known that the particular stalker will one day kill her they would have gone. Unfortunately they dont have any occult power for that matter any brother or sister or parents had such power otherwise all these incidents of rape , murder etc could have been avoided.

murder of swati

now it is evident that we are going to witness many more swathy and ramkumar incident.When a boy feels like loving agirl let him remember that this is 2016 and girls never fall in love like the ones in films are shown to fall like gooseberry falling from the tree.Girls are highly calculating.They ponder over his educational accomplishments,his purse,his looks,his U.S.A migrating possibilities etc..One ramkumar who was gracing goats falling in love with amadrasi girl .His father must be a happy man as his son is eating and staying in Madras Government expense.

murder of swati

now it is evident that we are going to witness many more swathy and ramkumar incident.When a boy feels like loving agirl let him remember that this is 2016 and girls never fall in love like the ones in films are shown to fall like gooseberry falling from the tree.Girls are highly calculating.They ponder over his educational accomplishments,his purse,his looks,his U.S.A migrating possibilities etc..One ramkumar who was gracing goats falling in love with amadrasi girl .His father must be a happy man as his son is eating and staying in Madras Government expense.

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