Barkha Dutt slams Arnab Goswami on social media

| Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 16:21
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New Delhi: Journalist Barkha Dutt took a dig at Times Now’s Arnab Goswami on social media for trying to ‘gag journalists’ and flatter the government.
Here is what she said in her Facebook post: 
Times Now calls for gagging of media & for journalists to be tried &punished. This man is journalist?I am ashamed to be from same industry as him. What's striking is his brazen and cowardly hypocrisy. So he drones on and on about Pro Pakistan Doves without one word on the JK alliance agreement that commits the BJP and PDP to talks with Pakistan and Hurriyat and is silent on Modi's own Pakistan outreach- neither of which I object to- but since Arnab Goswami measures patriotism by such views why is he so silent on the government? Chamchagiri? Imagine, a journalist actually exhorts the government to shut down sections of the media, misrepresents them as isi agents and terror sympathisers, calls for them to be tried and acted against. And our fraternity remains locked into politically correct and timid silence. Well Im not a shrinking violet Mr. Goswami and no matter how many times you take my name directly or indirectly on your show, I really dont give a toss for your opinion. I hope I will always be someone whose journalism you loathe, because trust me, the feeling is so utterly mutual that it would kill me to be on the same side of any issue as you.
(The post appeared on Barkha Dutt’s Facebook timeline)
She also attacked Goswami on Twitter saying she is ashamed to be from the same industry as him. 

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If u r so ashamed go out from journalism and join as official fake seculee parties spokesperson.

Barkha Dutt tweet on Arnab

Barkha Ji we had heard all your Radia tapes. Please stop giving us your sermons on nationality. You are just plain jealous of Arnab. All the other channels put together cannot equal even 1% of Arnab. Frustration shows. No government patronage hurting you now. Please do proper journalism now to regain your false position. You can alternatively quit journalism and join Nirra Radia's firm if it exists.

Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt standard of journalism from the days Nira Radia tapes is known when she acted as a go between the Congress family and some politicians. She already stands exposed for her various utterances in support of anti-India forces and wants to take on Arnab Goswami for publicity. The dogs may bark but the caravan moves on....

True journalism

A secret poll of practising journalists would show 90% are with Barkha Dutt on this one, whatever political or ideological differences many of them - and us - may have with her on other issues.


This lady is a joke --a filthy one in poor taste

Praised by Most Wanted

Congratulations Barkha Dutt for getting appreciation from India's Most Wanted Hafiz Sayeed. What an irony ! Can there be anything better ? Still no shame.

Barkha Dutt

It seems very ridicules when you compare yourself with Arnab. You can't see public anger against you. Now you and your journalism becomes big joke for we Indians. Nobody is taking you seriously. You are pro Pakistan and pro Hafiz Sayeed, so we hate you and your Journalism.

the height of hypocrisy!

Brave words! wonder if you really have such a short, convenient and selective memory or you think the world does. look into your own comments and do educate the world also on who funds you and your channel and controls the content!

Barkha Dutt

Ms. Dutt need NOT to be ashamed NOW, for being a Journo. Once 2G scam is solved, including that of contribution !! of Nadia Ms. Radia & her infamous tapes, many journos, including Ms. Dutt need to feel ashamed for claiming, to be a Journo. If Times TV is a "Chamchagiri" of GoI, more specifically of BJP, what one should call, the kind of "caption" shown in NDtv on any matter about Congress, Kabil Sibil and Omar Abdullah--- "personal and /or involvement and /or Anti- Hinduism and /or pro- minority????--- Choose any two.

Bad politics

Today the politics gone to very low level.Even media is also not independent. Only blaming game is there. Public suffering. Media and Netas enjoying and earning. Wah re mera desh.

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