New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his frustration and anger over incidences of violence being perpetrated in the name of ‘gau rakshaks’; the PM’s speech has a rippling effect, as was expected.

The Delhi police on Sunday initiated its move for keeping an eye out for vigilantes who thrashed innocent people by advocating that they were cow-protectors.  A high-level meeting on Sunday came to the decision that policemen on the lookout would create a database through which they will keep a track of miscreants who instigate violence in the name of cow protection.

Modi had earlier said, “I appeal to state governments to prepare dossiers on these swayam sevis. Some 70-80% will turn out to be engaged in dubious activities.”

Albeit most cow-protecting organisations purportedly advocate themselves as keepers of an ancient tradition, many incidences, such as what happened in Una, to Mohammad Akhlaq, have turned the country against these ‘violent’ organisations.