New Delhi: An Indian elephant that walked more than 900 kilometres after her home was ambushed by incessant floods was finally rescued by villagers from a pond in Bangladesh.

After heavy torrential downpour spelled incessant flood in the Indian state of Assam, a four-ton elephant was separated from its herd after which the female elephant walked more than 900 km, straying into Bangladesh. Tired and scared, the elephant crossed into the Bangladeshi border, without knowing that it was hundreds of kilometres away from its herd.

Villagers in Bangladesh who saw the elephant ran amok out of the trees fired tranquilisers at the tired animal and helped her out of the pond where she almost drowned. One local vet, Sayed Hossain, said, “Hundreds of villagers came to its rescue when they saw the elephant had lost consciousness. Dozens jumped into the pond and helped us tie the animal with ropes and chains. And finally, with the help of hundreds of villagers, we were able to pull it to dry ground.”

Bangladeshi forest officials who had been tracking the animal are planning to the take the elephant to the Safari Park.