Kerala: Don’t stare a woman for than 14 seconds next time if you are in Kerala. No offence, it is not us but the Kerala excise commissioner Rishi Raj Singh who has come up with the statement that if a man stares a woman for more than 14 seconds, it could be termed as harassment. 

The Kerala IPS Officer made the comment when he was delivering a speech at state-level employment programme in Kochi on July 14. The officer further added that the girls should also carry with them a knife and pepper spray for self-defence. Speaking further on self-defence, he also emphasised on the need for the girls to learn martial arts. 
The statement by the minister came in good spirit and was made with the intention of safeguarding women’s modesty. The thing which went wrong was quoting a simple statement as a law, because any such or related law has not been formed yet. State Sports Minister EP Jayaranjan termed the statement as “disgusting.” 
The statement did not go well down with the Twitterati as well. The minister was trolled on Twitter and some of the epic tweets are here for you to read: