One year of Narendra Modi government: PM Modi defends his record! Here is what he said in Mathura

| Monday, May 25, 2015 - 18:28
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One year of Narendra Modi government

UTTAR PRADESH: Prime Minister Narendra Modi who completes one year of being in power on Tuesday, addressed a large gathering in Mathura today, which is the birthplace of Jan Sangh ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhyay. (Also read: What to expect from PM Modi’s rally in Mathura today?)

Here are the highlights of what he said in Mathura:

4:45 PM: PM Narendra Modi addresses mega rally in Mathura

• I have taken bitter pill of land reforms. 

• It is our dream to make India clean. Historic FDI inflows testimony to our success.

• Employment remains the priority for the govt. Tourism has increased after years of lagging.

• No one dreamt of eradicating poverty. Indians are now investing in India. I promise you, we will deliver on our promises.

• Unprecedented decentralization in government. This govt. is for you, of you and by you. 

• Nation can only grow together, not divided. I have promised to reform 1300 rules, simplify law.

• World was marching by, India was being ignored. From policy paralysis to policy action now.

•  I am not privileged, I am one of you. Previous govt's sat on vital public funds.

• Farmers of my country are my priority.

• We will bring in a new green revolution. Don't be swayed by propaganda. First we defeated corruption, now it's time to help farmers

• Employment, cheap credit, agriculture reforms coming soon. We have removed all bottlenecks for farmers

• I had said it in the very beginning that this is a government for the poor and for the welfare of the poor.

• A year ago you made a decision & after 30 years you elected a government with a clear majority. Today that government completes one year

• There is Shree Krishna in every part of this land. Shree Krishna's message was one- that of Karma Yoga.

• In a small village here Pandit Deendayal was born. His message was - do not get tired, do not stop, do not bend...only keep working.

• Major agriculture reforms are in the pipeline. Opposition is trying to misled the people.

• Land acquisition is also about the poor. Some people are only interested in keeping you poor.

• We have ended decades of corruption. In next five years, we will interlink all rivers.

• It is not only good days, it's end of bad days. Delhi is now closer to India than before. Poor can directly benefit now.

• Biggest achievement is ending corruption. Critics are jealous of our success. All our efforts are for people of India. 

• We have achieved in one year, what UPA couldn't in five years. E-auction of coal mines has brought crores.

• In one year, I have been rejuvenated, not tired. This wave of change has only begun.

• Opposition would have run the country into the ground. My govt's mantra is pro poor, pro farmer.

• I have worked hard for the people. You the people are the source of my strength.

• My govt is dedicated to the poor of the nation. I have no doubt that poor have benefitted in last one year.

• I thank the people for their mandate.

4:27 PM: PM Modi at Deen Dayal Dham

• This is a good place to learn the way Panditji led his life and how the lives of the poorest of the poor can be improved.

• Deen Dayal Upadhyay is an inspiration to each one of us

• Political vision of Deen Dayal has shaped our country

• The vision of DD Upadhyay was exemplary. 

• Modi pays homage to DD Upadhyay.


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Indian Prime Minister and team

The best PM treaded on professionalism in uplifting the sunken nation to a nation of pride. Deep rooted corruption swept away by his long drawn vision. PM, lead the nation with courage and confidence.

long live shri narender modi ji

I would like to congratulate modi ji for successful completion of 1yr as PM of india and wish all the very best in coming years...




Keep up the good work!

India on the path of prosperity

After assuming power, Modi Govt has been sincerely showing its commitment for eradication of poverty through comprehensive programmes. There are hundreds of concerns to be addressed for this great nation which was systematically misruled by the Congress regime over the last six decades. How is it possible to tackle all these within one year? . The congress is opposing and criticizing everything of Modi for the sake of opposing and is only playing its role of opposition. The congress does not have any issue to fight for . Out of desperation congress has lost sense,not being able to appreciate genuine achievements which even outside world is convinced.

Modi Govt.Anniversary

Government's functioning is such that policies framed by a Government is re-examined and modified to suit the new Govt's policies. It is absurd to say that the new Govt. is following the previous Govt's policies. If the Congress Govt's policies were so beautiful why was the country heading for a disaster and why did a stunning majority of the people chose to elect a different party. The Congress is being too petty minded. It must learn to be decent and respectable.

Modi Ji

He is the only person in 67yrs who is doing hard work . And news channels are opposing narendra modi .Asking questions of no sense and trying to down play the govt . Thats not good for media . Please media should stop doing this work. We belive Modi govt and he will deliver that.....


Where is the new policy's ???



BJP one year

Modi is always scoring high on sales and marketing areas. Sales and marketing always boast than its original values, which was lacking in previous congress govt. If the pass mark is 40%, congress was 30% and BJP(too early judgment) is 35%. I mean to say, BJP is slightly better in one year term (should value after 5 years) than congress but still doesn't pass from expectations or what they assured. This guy is bit crazy and we have to wait and watch him. I wonder whether "achche din" will come or not.

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