New Delhi: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was pulled in to censure by the Supreme Court on Wednesday for her defamation case against her opposition where more than 80 MLAs were ousted from the state assembly.

“Tamil Nadu is the only state which misuses state machinery to fight defamation case,” the Supreme Court Jayalalithaa, after information by the state government that more than 200 defamation cases had been filed in the last five years. The court also said that Jayalalithaa should learn to take criticism because she was a public figure.  

Earlier this week, more than 80 DMK MLAs, including opposition leader MK Stalin, were ousted from the state assembly under accusation that they were creating ruckus and making obscene remarks.

Vijayakanth, also known “Captain”, has brought the 68-year-old leader to the Supreme Court. Vijayakanth has been named in many defamation cases filed by the state for criticising the state machinery under Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

Known popularly as “Amma”, Jayalalithaa has been criticised many a times for her heavy-handedness towards sceptics in her government.

The next hearing on the matter will take place on September 21.