Odisha man who did not have money for ambulance carries wife's body for 12 km

| Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 13:42
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Odisha: A grief-stricken tribal man in Kalahandi, Odisha carried his wife's lifeless body on his shoulder for a staggering 12 km purportedly because he had no money to arrange for a van and the district hospital authorities had refused him help for lack of money.

Pictures captured of Dana Majhi shows the man carrying his wife's body wrapped in sheets through the streets as his daughter walks along with him sobbing by his side.  Amangadei's body was removed from the hospital in Bhawanipatna town on Wednesday morning after which, Majhi carried his wife's body on his shoulders to his home in Melghar village in Kalahandhi, reports the Indian Express. 

Majhi's wife was suffering from tuberculosis and passed away on early Wednesday morning. With no money for a vehicle, Majhi requested hospital authorities to help him by arranging a small vehicle for transportation. But when the authorities flatly refused, Majhi carried his wife on his shoulders.

As Majhi started carrying the body, local youths who became vary of what had happened notified officials and a van was immediately sent to help the grieving husband and daughter. By then, Majhi had almost walked 12 km carrying his wife's corpse on his shoulder.

Despite promises of a better assistance to the tribals and the Dalits in the region, shocking instances of families having to carry their kin's body without transportation facilities have been occuring repeatedly in the Navin Patnaik government.

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News made me depressed.

News made me depressed. Thanks to Debabrata Mohanty and the team of Indian Express who brought sad incident before people of India. Now a days it is not possible for a common man to bear medical and funeral expenditure after death of any family members. Responsibility must be fixed. System machinery should be streamlined. There are several Dana Majhi all over India who are facing similar problems but poor people has limited writing power and financial assistance to fight with the system. This is very shameful being a human being.

Very Sad State of Affairs

Felt so sad for him and disgusted at the govt callousness. There is no human dignity left in India.

Apathy of People/Government

India (and the successive State/Central Government /People) has failed the Father and Daughter as well as the Mother (who had to come down with Tuberculosis by not providing medication) and I think will continue to do so. Only because the media is highlighting them, we are made aware of such problems. Such things were happening earlier to this and will continue to happen. Blame game is useless unless all the concerned authorities/local/central Govt./Societies come together and ensure that such incidents do not occur. No one can replace the loss suffered by this family. The Daughter will not get back her Mother. Their tragedy will live on… God Bless and Help them to overcome this.

Odisha man carries dead wife

Is humanity dead? I see the public looking at them like they are watching a show without lifting a finger to help them. When are we Indians going to take these poor people as our own brethen and help them in their hour of grief? Shame on us Indians!

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