Rahul Gandhi lashes out at PM Modi; accuses him of 'Khoon ki dalali' with blood of soldiers

| Thursday, October 6, 2016 - 21:07
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New Delhi: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday during a public rally accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of 'Khoon Ki Dalali' and said, "You are doing 'Dalali' of their (jawans) blood over surgical strikes. 
"Those were our soldiers, who gave their blood, conducted surgical strikes, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hiding behind their blood," Rahul Gandhi said.
"Humare jawan hain jinho ne khoon diya hai,jinho ne #surgicalstrike kiya,unke khoon ke peeche aap (PM) chhupe huye ho," Rahul Gandhi said
He went ahead and said, "However, Prime Minister did two things, first he made one Indian fight with another Indian and worked to divide the country." (Aapne 2 cheeze zarur ki hain,ek Hindustani ko dusre se ladane ka kaam kia,bantne ka kaam kia hai.)
Further lashing out at PM Modi, Rahul said, "Modi ji promised bank accounts to everyone, but there is no money in those accounts. All his promises were fake."
"Ye desh Modi ji se insaaf chata hai, aur ye unki zimmedari hai. Kahan hai 15 lakh, kaha hai unke saare vaade," Rahul Gandhi added.
Ever since the Indian army conducted ssurgical strikes, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the leadership of PM Modi was praised by the entire nation and political leaders.
However, recently, after Pakistani false propaganda to prove that surgical strikes never took place, some Indian politicians had asked the government to furnish evidence that the strikes were conducted. 
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Raul's Hoon ki Dallali

"Filthy & Absurd" comments are made by 3 types of clans – Firstly by Muslims like, Salman Khan, Saleem Khan, Waquar, Ali Mudeen, Rehmanis, Lones and Abdullahs. Secondly, political parties who rely up on Muslim "Vote Bank", like Indian ( Anti) National Congress, JDU, NCP and Mango Man Party. Thirdly, people who "originally" belong places in current Pakistan, like Puri, Masala and IFs & BUTTs. Raul "perfectly" fits in 1st & 2nd Category of people-- After all, he is ONLY grandson of a Khan (Viz) Feroze Khan GHANDY and Congress, who can go in to Guinness book of world record, for having "exploited Muslims" for vote bank & personal gains of this Feroze Ghandy’s clan. Added to above, Raul is ALSO grandson of a "Italian fascist" . So, what else any sane person can expect than, "filth, blood & disgusted” statement against Indian National Interest, leave alone Armed forces. His statement on "Blood trade", is like a blabber made by people after a snake bite, that too a Goa snake bite. In conclusion, Raj Thackeray should "amend" his statement "Let Salamans of the world GO to Pakistan", to "Let Salmans of the world BE SENT to Pakistan"

Raul's Hoon ki Dallali

I'm a Tamilian. "Hoon ki Dallai" has been translated as "Trade in Blood" and trade is always for personal gains. Raul grand son of Indira Feroze Khan and s/o Rajiv Khan Ghandy, have NO locus standi to talk about trading in blood. With Indira's diabolic plan of creating "Bhindren walle" to "shadow fight" Badals , back fired on her life and for that, they killed 1000s of Sikhs. Same manner , for blunder committed by Rajiv by interfering Sri Lankan ethnic conflict, some aggrieved parties beat him with a riffle butt ( a Sinhalese) and lost life in an explosion carried out by Dhanu ( a Sri Lankan Tamil). Prize paid for Rajiv’s "blunder", was "murdering" of 300000 Tamil origin people, MOSTLY women, Children and aged people. So, this Nehru & Feroze Khan family are "real traders" in blood. After Modi taking rein of India, many of us ( Tamils) never felt soo proud to be Indian FIRST.

Rahul Gandhi has insulted my country INDIA

Rahul Gandhi is a disgraceful idiot leading Congress party filled with dalals selling my country INDIA. Please stop these peaple by not giving any value or votes. -Rakesh. R

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