Varanasi stampede: PM Modi condoles death as toll reaches 24

| Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 23:43
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New Delhi: At least 24 people have been confirmed dead by authorities in a stampede during Baba Jai Gurudev's sabha in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh on Saturday.

The stampede took place at the Rajghat Bridge situated on River Ganga where hordes of people trampled on top of each other, resulting in the death of at least 24 people and more than 60 injured. 

Crowd management has been suspected to have failed to control the crowd attending the sabha. 

Out of the 24 dead, 15 have been confirmed as females while the rest are males. 


Ambulances on standby were immediately rushed to the spot and the injured were taken to the hospital.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled the death and said that all possible help was being ensured to the people. 

Speaking on the incident, UP IG (Law and Order) said, "It will be probed as to who is responsible, arrangements for crowd control and the lapses".

Also, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav who had earlier announced a compensation of Rs 2 Lakh each for the kin of those who lost their life and Rs 50,000 each the injured, but now the compensation has been increased to Rs 5 Lakh.  

Samajwadi Party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia while expressing his concern on the incident said, "It (Varanasi stampede) is an unfortunate incident. CM office monitoring situation. Guilty will be booked for negligence".

On October 9, a stampede at Mayawati's rally resulted in the death of two individuals.
Following the stampede, SP City, SP Traffic, CO Kotwali VNS and Thana in charge Ramnagar and Mughalsarai have been suspended for gross negligence leading to deaths.

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I pray and wish that there is at least one 30 minutes Pravachan

Namasthe! Jai Gurudev! My heartrendering condolences to families of deceased, my sympathies with all injured & their families, and my full support to the rescuers/volunteers at this Varanasi Pilgrimage religious procession. Just like they pray around the world (even at India’s Hon’ble PMji’s events) and maintain silence for few minutes after calamities/disasters/terrorist attacks, let us imagine how our lives would be for 2 minutes if this disaster struck our own family, immediate family like parents (especially working parents), children (especially working children), spouse (especially working spouse), a rich & powerful sibling etc. Can anyone fathom the depths of darkness, anguish and agony of those people whose loved ones got caught in this travesty of Karma? Would it be possible for Indian governments/NGOs review how USA, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Vatican, Israel and other nations handle large crowds in their countries? This incident may have been avoided if those managing this ashram/temple/event/Varanasi temples and working there were trained/educated in handling large crowds instead of depending on Governments. Jai Gurudev! Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan! Jai Vigyan! Jaago NowJawan! From childhood, it bothered me how backward the towns I lived were and how there were no opportunities. And the men folk & friends would only ridicule me for questioning and comparing with what I learned from books/newspapers and watching TV/Internet. The people dying in temple/religious calamities almost every year are Indian citizens (may be few foreigners too). Hence, the Indian Governments must step up education and training of the temple & other religious workers/volunteers, management, pujaris etc. in handling hazardous situations(religious processions, Fireworks, river-bathings (Kumbmelas), Radh Yatras(like in Puri Jagannath?), opening temple gates when people are jostling to get into temple etc.). When Government Courts/Politicians are able to intervene/judge temple matters (like universal access to temples, Uniform Civil Code etc.), preventing temple & other religious disasters/accidents like these must also become a priority for Indian Governments. When a private religious matter starts affecting innocent people adversely, it is no longer a private religious matter. One’s religious rights and privileges should not affect others. This incident may have been avoided 1. if the ashram/temple management and workers (volunteers) were well-trained/educated in handling large crowds and also trained in recruiting more volunteers for Bhagvan seva 2. if they behaved like responsible adults and not like those of a Dysfunctional Family where in adults hold autocratic power, and do not pay attention or strive to understand anyone else in the family(with empathy, loving kindness and compassion) or even each other. (Please refer Wikipedia for Dysfunctional family) (This message applies not only to majority Hindus in India, but also to all other religions like Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism etc. some of whose leaders are proselytizing differences and flaunting the laws, rules, regulations of Indian Governments) What a fate in a season of important Hindu Festivals! Entire nation has become one gigantic dysfunctional family. All Indians are same people ripped apart by various discriminatory ideologies like caste, religion, language, race, last name, tribe, NGO, region, gender (women, LGBT), nationality etc. Only when all Intellectuals (of all discriminatory ideologies) align towards the same ultimate goal of India’s Progress/Development/Vikas ONLY then there will be peace, progress, prosperity and happiness in India. While Hon’ble PM of India is going around claiming for a permanent seat in UN Security Council, incidents like these are a shame for Mother India in the comity of nations. In this incident too as many people died as in a terror attack on helpless Indian Army. It is time for Indian Youth to wake up and go protect Indian Army personnel, Indian Politicians and help avoid temple tragedies like these too for Bhagavan’s/God’s Sake. Here is my humble request to managements/Pujaris/Panditjis/Gurujis/politicians of all Hindu Dharma Temples in India and elsewhere in the world: I listen to pravachans online in English, Hindi and my native language from various Acharyas, Panditjis, Sanyasis and Gurujis. (Few contemporary examples are Sri Sri RaviShankar of Art of Living, Sri Baba Ramdev, Late Sri SatyaSaiBaba, Swami Mukundananda of JKYog, Amma, Sadguru, Jai Gurudev & his disciples, Gayatri Pariwar etc.) Most of their pravachans are blended with daily life and practical living in Indian context so that Shravaks know about a. protecting themselves(from sin and calamities like these), b. respect for law & authorities, respect for nature, respect for family members (parents, in-laws, spouse, children, siblings etc.), c. family/children guidance d. health and Hygiene e. personal development, controlling Arishadvargas, communication skills, self-esteem, self-realization f. Togetherness, simplicity, empathy, compassion, humility, true love, seva bhav, volunteering, g. Becoming missionaries/evangelists of Hindu Dharma, h. PR against ignorance towards Hindu Dharma etc. There are many temples with free food facilities (Langars) serving proper Bhojan to thousands of people, thus keeping them healthy and not starve in God’s presence. Then in the same God’s presence, what good is it to send them back in Spiritual starvation and malnutrition? Sporadically, some Saadu Sant, Panditjis and Gurujis may be visiting Temples by themselves or their pravachans are organized by respective temple managements on bigger premises. However, that is not enough. Just as Bhakt need physical food at regular intervals every day for their physical bodies, would they not also need God’s Word at regular intervals (at least every week) for their mental well-being? yatra yogesvarah krsno (Guru bestowed by God/like God himself(Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu)) yatra partho dhanur-dharah (Shravak/willing listener/disciple/bhakt) tatra srir vijayo bhutir dhruva nitir matir mama Where there are pravachans/kathas/commentaries/explanations/Khutbahs and where there are people willing to listen and understand, those places and those people’s mann(Heart/Soul) 1. will be cleansed pious, Agnana Sammohah will be removed 2. patience, love, empathy, humility, compassion, kindness, karma(seva) bhav will be rejuvenated 3. there will also certainly be unending opulence, victory, prosperity and righteousness. Of this I am certain. Hence I pray and wish that there is at least one 30 minutes Pravachan (Upanyasam/katha/Khutbah) every week regularly for spiritual nourishment of all Bhakt visiting Hindu temples in India and elsewhere in the world. With that spiritual nourishment, I pray God enlightens all Bhakt giving them wisdom, compassion, empathy, loving kindness, humility, inspiration, enlightenment and motivation to go back and perform their Karmas(responsibilities). I pray and beg Bhagvan to heal everybody with his words through sadgurus/Panditjis/Pujaris at all Hindu Dharma Temples across the world so that many who are dispersed/scattered (like lost cattle falling prey to beasts) find their way back to Bhagavan’s Sannidhi (Bhagvan's protection, blessings and guidance.) It is a relief that the (center/state) Governments respond immediately to temple calamities ASAP and declare money for the dead. I request every Indian Citizen (Jan Samanya) to follow these kinds of news. Then let us all pray together and beg all Government officials, city leaders, leaders of all religions/castes/tribes, panchayats, engineers, planners, NGO leaders(including religious missionaries), etc. to plan ahead and not fall behind the requirements of any hazardous activity (religious processions, construction, Railways, Airplanes, Fireworks, river bathings (Kumbmelas?) etc.) or impending natural calamities/disasters(like floods, earthquakes, droughts etc.). Hope they are not satisfied just providing for the needs of their people (like food, clothing, shelter, jobs, and reimbursements). Depending on their will-power/health permitting, for one year, one month, one week or at least one day, hope they live like middle class or a poor person so they realize that even a single life is not just a number in census. Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantihi I beg all privileged (including you) travel around India and the world. I wish they not only enjoy their trips & take pictures/videos and “experience foods, nature, imaraten/buildings/architectures, shopping foreign mall, music, wine, dance, night-life and cultures” but also advise/teach their fellow human-beings their experiences/wisdom (old & new) for progress, peace, harmony and prosperity of not only entire world but also of India. (Given a chance, like you, they are also keen, highly adaptive and always refine themselves!) Concluding, though I am a familyless-helpless- jobless disabled Indian man, I was able to browse this sad news from few thousand miles away living in a different time-zone and be able to write this humble request/feedback/comment because I have a high-speed internet connection though I do not have an expensive TV connection. What about those in India who do not have electricity and internet and whose voices are not heard?(Especially those in small towns and villages) Hence let us accelerate on ‘war footing’ two most important infrastructure projects, Electricity and Internet proliferation to mitigate ignorance and reduce ‘information gap’, thus strengthening ties between all “human beings”(Manavatha Vadi/Insaaniyat) on earth and making the world one big global village (Vasudaiva Kutumbakam). If one does not have enough money or time to travel one may still edify themselves and make friends with people around the planet via internet. Also, let us all pray together to Gods and Goddesses of all Hindu Dharma Temples (including Gods and Goddesses of Varanasi) and wish, a day dawns when one don’t need pay high tuition fees or travel across India (to institutes like JNU, Hyderabad university etc.) or elsewhere in the world (like Ukraine, USA, Australia etc.) to study if one has no money to study sciences, medicine, business, law, politics, technologies, acting, cinema, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religion etc. Just a computer and internet connection will do. (It is possible to reduce the costs of education by a good mix of online classes & necessary in-person classroom lectures and labs.) Also, Girl-children who are under several restrictions by their traditional-parents could get educated from their own homes under supervision of their traditional parents. I apologize if I said anything inconvenient. Majority of people (Samanya manvi) in this world reason though they may be afraid to express themselves in public. The modern world is faced with many grave challenges like poverty, malnutrition, pollution, corruption, dirty politics, extortions, riots, suicides, parasitic economies, prostitutes/concubines & their cuckolding, mental diseases, religiously-enforced-no-choice pregnancies, teen-pregnancies/marriages, divorces, gender inequalities(including LGBT), misguided proselytizations/religious terrorism, adverse climate changes and Global warming. Let us all humbly meditate and introspect “Do we, even now in 21st century, fight amongst ourselves and try tearing our Mother India apart and watch vultures devouring it or we now vow to stitch her wounds, nurture her, heal and strengthen her to stand up for Peace once again and shine, brighter than ever, as the Beacon of Hope for jobless, sick, vanchith, peedith, Sochith,kuchilith, dabhe, divyang jan, naree and upaekshith around the world?” Jai Gurudev! Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan! Jai Vigyan! Jaago NowJawan! “Do we, even now in 21st century, fight amongst ourselves and make children(especially girls) of Mother India cry or we now vow to, at least, wipe their tears properly with shame and dignity, let alone keep swearing again and again that we are gonna strive to protect them and make their lives better only if we have lots of funds?” STANDUP INDIA! STARTUP INDIA! Please kindly forgive me if I said anything incorrect and wrong or hurt anyone’s feelings! I wholeheartedly felt it is my duty as a human being to submit these humble requests/comment/feedback. I am open to criticisms/corrections/feedback. I am not an expert or respected but only a common Indian citizen (a disabled, familyless, jobless looser born into lower Hindu castes begging for Justice & Unity not for money). Also due to time constraints, please kindly forgive my Indlish mistakes too! I will correct my Indlish mistakes as time permits! Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantihi Satyameva Jayathe! Kal Gandikota Note: I am not paid to comment and not seeking favors. I made this comment so I get replies from fellow viewers to educate myself. If I have grievances, they'll get posted on MyGov, PMO or other Government Websites. I am not affiliated with any political party, any religion, any caste, tribe, last name, media, NGO, business or any Government institution. Hence, if anyone uses this comment for making their decisions, I am not responsible for any failures incurred. Before my voice is suppressed like it happened on Sep 04 2016(day before American Labor Day) near New India Bazar, Santa Clara, CA, USA, copy to 1. All Political Parties of India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh and the world 2. Tribes of India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh and the world 3. NGOs(including religious missionaries) of the world 4. News Media/Papers of India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh and the world 6. Translators of all languages of the universe 7. All sapient beings of the universe 8. All sentient beings of the universe P.S.: Near New India Bazar, CA, USA I was warned that there are many complaints and not to be seen on the premises otherwise they will call American Police calling me mentally diseased. What did Sri John Kerryji Say at the Town Hall meeting of IIT Delhi and other places in India in Aug 2016?

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