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New Delhi: Sashi G, a 59-year-old man from Kerala, became almost paralysed when he fell from a coconut tree in Thiruvananthapuram 18 years ago. The result of the fall left a debilitating physical impact: Sashi’s right arm and leg was left paralysed after the incident, making him incapable of living a normal life.

When Sashi approached the village panchayat and requested a three-wheeler so that he could make a living out of it, the panchayat said that the vehicle could not be delivered to his house because there were no roads near his house, reports NDTV.

Not only that, Sashi’s request for a road was met with ridicule and almost derision by fellow villagers. “The Panchayat told me there is no point of giving you a vehicle as you are paralysed. They assured me a road which never happened,” said Sashi.

So when Sashi picked up his axe and started lunging at the narrow barren trail near his house, he did not stop until he had finished what he had started.

Sashi then continued digging for six hours every day at a terrain which dangerously crumbled beneath him. Three years of persistence has now resulted in a 200-meter road where small vehicles can now easily travel.

“I just kept digging because people thought I couldn’t. I thought if I kept digging, I will get a road and it will also be physiotherapy,” Sashi told NDTV.

Lack of empathy is not a new phenomenon for the poor, but these cases of sheer negligence serve as the hardest bout of inspiration for those who have nothing but themselves to rely upon.

Sashi will soon be provided with the three-wheeler he was initially refused.

First Published | 11 January 2017 1:36 PM
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Web Title: Story of half-paralysed Kerala man who kept digging for 3 years will leave you feeling helpless

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