Sharad Pawar admits of being contacted by Raj Jethmalani over Dawood Ibrahim’s surrender

| Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 18:58
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MUMBAI: Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and NCP leader Sharad Pawar on Saturday accepted of  being contacted by senior advocate Ram Jethmalani over the willingness of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to surrender but he claimed that the conditions that were put forward for it were not suitable to the then ruling state government. (Also Read: Ram Jethmalani’s sensational claims: Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel proposed to surrender, but govt denied the offer)

The bid was initiated at the time when Pawar was heading the state as the Chief Minister in 1990s. 

“It is true that Ram Jethmalani had given a proposal about Dawood’s willingness to return. But there was a condition that Dawood should not be kept in jail. Rather he be allowed to remain in a house. This was not acceptable. We said he had to face the law,” Pawar told reporters here.

Ram Jethmalani made sensational claims today that the most wanted underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim, a key accused in 1993 serial blasts and his close associate Chhota Shakeel wanted to surrender but the state government then headed by Pawar had rejected the offer. 

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Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood was a big time smuggler involved in smuggling of Importing Goods which were sold at high premium in Fort area and other parts of country also Gold. It was well known that Custom Officers, Police, and Politicians used to receive lot of money from the smugglers and so called Dons!! The Politicians got scared after Mumbai Bomb Blast that if any of the Dons are caught , they will be exposed...... So my questions are..... 1) Who and why some of the Terrorist involved were allowed to fled the country? Or they were made to fled the country?..... 2) Dawood wanted to return, remain in house arrest and and face trial. Why was this not considered? India would have been saved many problems it faced later....... 3) Mr Pawar says that he did not allow Dawood to return with the pre conditions? Recently Mr Pawar had Meeting with Lalit Modi ( who has disturbed the Country for issues which are relatively not so important and affecting Govt Development programs)) in which Pawar says he told Lalit to come to India to face trials. Lalit Modi told him that if he returns he had security problem and that he will be arrested. Mr Pawar says he told Lalit Modi that he will discuss this ( preconditions??) this with the Govt...... Why was stand of Mr Pawar on Lalit Modi ( who had preconditions) to return to India and face law and was not considered on Dawood who was ready to come to India and face trial . Mr Ram Jethmalaini's view, that Politicians did not want Dawood return as there would have been disclosures, stands substance. Thanks Newx for taking up this issue.

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