MUMBAI: The murder mystery involving the wife of television tycoon, former Star India CEO, Indrani Mukherjea is getting murkier every moment. In a fresh twist to the case, following the arrest of Indrani Mukherjea in an alleged involvement of killing her ‘sister’, Mumbai Police has confirmed that the deceased ‘Sheena’ was her daughter and not sister.
In fact, Indrani at the time of interrogation also admitted that Sheena was her own daughter from previous marriage, sources inform. However, the reports suggest that Sheena was introduced to Mumbai society as her sister. 
Mumbai Police is currently verifying the claims made by the accused. 
On the other hand, confident of the fact that Sheen was killed, her brother Mikhail Bora has confirmed that both he and Sheena are children of Indrani.
“My sister was killed, I have no doubt about that, I had no clue when Sheena was dead, whenever I checked, Indrani always claimed Sheena is abroad and busy with her studies,” he said adding that his mother Indrani was not in touch with him since 2014.
Bora also mentioned that he lived with Sheena till 2001 but he has not been able to establish contact with her since then. 
Sources add that the driver who is also accused for his role in the well-planned murder was old and a loyal servant of Peter Mukherjea, however, Indrani had a little access to him. 
Police is also expected to probe Indrani’s husband Peter as they also suspect that he was aware about the incident and helped in facilitating it.
The three-year-old murder case was exposed after the police receiving hints and Indrani and her driver who have been accused in the murder are being interrogated. According to the reports, they were involved in a property dispute.