10 Oct 2016

Cool Breeze: Sidhu’s no ball

Last week, there were some rumours in the national capital that Navjot Singh Sidhu was joining the Congress. That he had met Rahul Gandhi and got the go-ahead. However, Captain Amarinder Singh, the face of the Congress comeback in the state, rubbished the claims. More so when one of Sidhu’s conditions apparently is... Read More
06 Oct 2016

Indian forces are the world's finest

There have been heroes with unparalleled accomplishments in every war fought by our troops.
There has never been any doubt in one’s mind that the Indian Armed Forces are easily amongst the best in the world. The gallantry and commitment of our soldiers have been time and... Read More
21 Sep 2016
Tanvir Khan

'Pink' is a movie we do not deserve

'Pink' is a movie we do not deserve.
For those who have seen the film may agree with my opinion, some may not. Doesn't matter.
For those who have not seen the movie or have no inkling of what I’m ranting about - head to a cinema hall and see this... Read More
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