70 years have passed since India achieved Independence against British rule. A whole lot of things have changed since then for Indians which include their varying lifestyle, culture, society and many other things. But one thing that still fills each Indian with rejoice and enthusiasm are the ever refreshing songs that bound every Indian together.
In this episode of Flashback, News X celebrates 70 years of Indian independence with some extra-ordinary pieces of music that connect the emotions of all the Indians towards their country. These songs hold such amount of zeal that no Indian in right frame of mind would be able to deny his love for the country.
#India@70 SONGS OF FREEDOM is going to be a roller coaster journey of nationalism for the viewers.  Let’s join this flag-waving drive and salute those who fought to get our country free from the shackles of the Britishers in the form of melodies that are going to melt the heart of every Indian.
Let’s remind every Indian their ancestors’ freedom struggle, revive their buried Indianness in them and, reassemble their feeling of being an Indian. Let’s stand together and say ‘Vande Mataram.’